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Blackstar HT-5R Combo

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07/02/2013 7:00pm

Hey WGS!


So I have a Blackstar HT-5R, its a 12 inch speaker, 5 watt amp.  I want to swap the speaker, some idiot spilled chocolate milk on the front of it, and I think it got the speaker :(


Anyway, I know people say there isn't a ton of room for a big magnet back there, it seems like people have dropped in the Vintage 30s, but they say the magnet is extremely close to the tubes.  I don't really want to go that route.  Can you recomend me something that will sound articulate when running lots of gain, but not too fizzy?  Thats the problem right now, it sounds pretty good, but its kinda fizzy, and muddy.  Something that will fit in nice.  Thanks!


EDIT: By the way, I forgot that each post needs approval, and thought my computer was glitching out on me.  I may have submitted my last message a few times!  Sorry about that!

07/03/2013 10:05am

I played through one of those at the NAMM show in Nashville last year, and remember being impressed (as much as possible on a noisy convention floor). I got to talk with the designer, he knows his stuff.

Anyway, I just googled it ... man ... I can't even SEE the speaker in those things ... it is crammed in there!  So... let's talk MEDIUM magnet speakers as opposed to HEAVY (like a V30).

ET65: Should sound AWESOME, will DEFINITELY remove all fizz and harshness ... but mite take away a little of the amps overall SPL (volume).

Green Beret: Probably would be my choice.  Almost as sweet as the ET65, but will make the most of the 5-watts!

PLEEESE ... post back here with your results ... so we can all learn from them!

07/03/2013 9:30pm

Awesome, thanks for the response!  And you checked the ohm rating and stuff on the Blackstar to see if those would work?  Electronics is all magic and fairy dust to me, so I wouldn't know if I wasn't matching the ohmage right.


Also, what do you mean the GB will make the most of the 5 watts?  If the ET65 brings the overall volume down a bit, thats fine with me!  This is pretty much a home practice amp, and its very loud for that purpose.  Being able to crank it to get that sweet tone without losing my hearing is definitely a plus!  Kind of the reason I got the 5 watt version :)


Thank you so much for your informative responses, I will definitely purchase one of your speakers, just gotta narrow it down...

07/04/2013 3:11pm

Okay then ... my suggestion is an ET65 - 8-ohm.

06/15/2015 9:18am

I believe the speaker for the Blackstar HT-5R is Blackbird 50, Power: 50W, Impedence: 16 Ohm. Would the ET-65, 8 Ohm be okay? or should it be the 16 Ohm version of the ET-65? Or does Ohm not matter in general? I'm a novice when it comes to this, please educate me. :) Thanks, Michael

07/05/2015 12:29pm

Okay ... if the original was 16 ohm ... then stick to that :-)

Greg Mican
03/30/2017 12:27pm

The amp has a 8 ohm and 16 ohm speaker output so either should work