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4x12 Project - Looking to Mix with a Pair of Neodog (Celestion Century Vintage) Speakers

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11/29/2012 11:30am
Have a 4x12 with four of the Vox Neodog neodynium 12" speakers.  These are basically Celestion Centruy Vintage speakers with a Vox label on them.  Running a 50 watt Fender ProTube Series ProReverb into the cab.  This amp is a DR on on the clean and a gain monster amp on the dirty side (more organic gain than a SuperSonic).  Play mostly blues and classic rock to late eighties rock.  The Neodogs actually sound good but seem to lacking some grit for those styles of music (the neos are very articulate).  Thinking of pulling two of the Neodogs and replacing with a pair of WGS speakers....looking for suggestions.....ET-65, Reaper, Green Beret, something else?  Love the Blackhawk 50 but would have to save a bit for a pair of those and not sure how they would pair with the Neodogs. Thanks for the help!! 
11/29/2012 2:25pm

All of the speakers you listed would be my first choice options.

The GB's would add the most snarl (grit as you say)

The ET65's would warm the cab more than anything ... usually good with the Neo's

The Reapers would be about right in between!

Another option... almost as gritty as the GB's would be Invaders.

11/29/2012 10:29pm

Thanks Vaughn.  I'm actually thinking of pulling all the Neos and going with four Green Berets.....was listening to some tunes today and those old 4x12's full of greenbacks just purr blues/classic rock....its tonal bliss :)  Neodogs are heading to Craigslist.....

12/04/2012 1:54pm

Yea ... we all LOVE the idea of a speaker as ultra light as a Neo ... but with totally awesome sound that is second to none.  Problem is, it just hasn't happened yet.

That's why WGS hasn't released a Neo yet ... they won't do it until it can TOTALLY keep up with a ceramic or AlNico model :-)