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What will cut better than an ET65 ?

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09/27/2012 12:18pm

Using a 2x12 cab with ET65's in it.  Love the speaker, but find in a live situation it doesn't cut through as much as I would like. Seems to lacking a bit in the mids, and gets a lost in a mix a little somtimes  What is the best option for a vintage tone type speaker along the same vein at the ET65 ?  I play a lot of classic rock and blues based rock.  I use it with a Mesa Mark V and a Marshall Plexi (and sometimes a vintage Orange)...and use both a dirty and clean tone ( not modern high gain...more of an AC/DC type of gain).  I like a nice mid/low mid grunt and cut that you get with classic and blues rock.


Of note, I am not interested in mixing speakers.


Looking at the Invader, Liberator or maybe a Veteran 30 ?  In the demo's I found on youtube, I think I may like the Invader better than the Liberator, but it's hard to tell from a youtube video.



Suggestions ???

09/28/2012 6:03pm

Easy answer: prety much any model!  Seriously, the ET65 is WGS's "warmest" speaker ... It's usually my choice only when paired with another driver, or when paired with a too-bright amp.

Given your amps, and what you play, I think you would like the Invaders.  I understand not wanting to mix speakers.  My main amp is a 4x10 Super Reverb with three different model speakers in it.  It sounds amazing ... but close-micing only one speaker will not capture it all!

09/28/2012 10:21pm

Thanks Vaughn Would the Liberators be a good choice as well, or should I just stick with the Invader's ? My only concern is that I run a 2x12 cab with a 100 watt head...and 2 Invader's are 100 watts...or is this really a concern ( I don't run the master over half) ?