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I've got a Peavey Vypyr 30 - Looking for a Neutral Tone Replacement Speaker for it.

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09/23/2012 9:04am

Hi Guys - I want to start by saying 'You've got some GREAT Speakers'.  I've checked out quite a few Speaker Shootouts & I'm Truly Amazed by your Quality.

Recently I have acquired a Peavey Vypyr 30.  It has a 12" Blue Marvel Speaker in it.  The Blue Marvel doesn't offer the Fullness or Bottom End that I like.  Since the Peavey Vypyr is a Modeling Amp - through research, I've learned that I will need a Neutral Tone Speaker.  That way the Speaker will be able to reproduce all the different Tones that the Amp can produce.

I am seeing that the Best WGS Speaker for this is.........The 12" Reaper.  Since I am also wanting 'More Bottom End' - The 12" Reaper 55hz - 30 watt, looks like it might be a Better Choice.  I'm *Impressed* that it has a  99dB SPL.  That shoud add quite a bit more Volume as well.


So - My 'Question' is.......Would you recommend the 12" Reaper 55hz - 30 Watt, as a good Replacement for the Blue Marvel?

Part 2 is - The Vypyr 30 is 30 Watts RMS.  The way I understand it is, RMS Watt Peak is Double of the amount listed.  

-----Meaning, 30 Watts RMS has a 60 Watt Peak.  I could be wrong on this, the info on the web jumps around a lot.

So - Would you recommend a Speaker that you handle 60 Watts  -OR- Would your Speakers be rated at RMS Watts?  If they are rated for RMS Watts - I'm thinking a 30 Watt would be Good.  I have some knowledge on this.  But, by no means an Expert.

If you could get back to me soon.........I'd like to place an Order.  I'm looking forward to a Better Speaker soon.

----Thanks in Advance!  ~Eric

09/28/2012 6:14pm

I wouldn't go Reaper 55 unless you really want to mellow out the amp - what you gain on the bottom you loose on top.  See my blog:


I'm going to suggest the plain Reaper, and it will easily handle the 30 watts of the Viper.

My other suggestion would be a Retro 30, which would add a bit of top end sparkle and bottom end authority.

Let us know your choice & results!