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09/02/2012 2:35pm

So, I was just scouring the website, and I came to a startling discovery......


After recovering from the initial shock, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to ask the legendary gentlemen at WGS personally: 


When are we all going to see another amazing free WGS custom speaker giveaway competition?


Because I am absolutely desperate for a pair of each of these:


Name: Spirit 80,  

Style of music I play: Technical Metalcore / Djent

Magnet (Heavy or Medium): Medi-Heavy

Power (30, 65, 90 watt): 80w, not standard, but we don't want too much breakup

Dope (heavy, med, none): Medi-Heavy

Dope type (Britt or American): Britt I guess.......

Dust Cap: (ET, Vet, Reaper): Vet (Retro is the basis of my idea)


Reasoning behind my choices:

Ok, Lots of these beautiful sounding WGS speakers are perfectly suited for sparkle to meaty crunch. I, however, am looking for a speaker that with hold up (in a 2 or 4x12) under my 6505, without breaking up to severely, allthough a little can add to the tasteful elements of musical complexity. I want to hear my amp's gain as it is, without the addition of excessive speaker breakup. The concept of the Retro 30 is killer, but still has a habit of breaking up a fair bit, Which I am not overly keen on, for the most part (but it does knock spots off Celestion's Vintage30!!). So a Retro 30 type speaker is the objective, but more of an upper mid boost (like 15-30% more, to a sensible, non-icepicky, level), and a little less bass, likea subtle lowcut, so this cab be used as a great sparkly, clear, cutting, clean speaker, but also a powerful mixer with more bass heavy speakers in 2 or 4x12 cabs. I am thinking of quite a compressed and tight sound, with focus across the entire band of mids. A Ceramic magnet is my thought, and not stupidly heavy. 


The perfect pairing for the Spirit (because we do love mixing) would thus be:


Name: ThunderGod 100,  

Style of music I play: Technical Metalcore / Djent

Magnet (Heavy or Medium): Very Heavy

Power (30, 65, 90 watt): 100w, if you can, we don't want breakup (and it justifies the cool looking name)

Dope (heavy, med, none): Heavy-Medi-Heavy

Dope type (Britt or American): Britt again, I guess.......

Dust Cap: (ET, Vet, Reaper): Britt Lead or Reaper55 or similar (The Celestion G12K-100 is the basis of my idea)

Reasoning behind my choices:


This speaker should hold up nicely under heavy drive, and remain clear, heavy and tight. The idea with this is to really push the amp's bass and low-low-mids to be the most prominant. The top end should be nicely rolled off, from the upper mids and have the VAST majority of the sound's focus in the "slap in the chops" region of the sound. This speaker can provide a lovely, ballsy, bluesy, bass-driven smoothness, and not exibit too much of the other frequencies, aiming for a tight, punchy and not at all sloppy bass reproduction. The bass in question is more output bass than resonant bass. I am thinking that having the low end tuned to about 80hz should suffice for this application well. Again, designed to be a powerful mixer with considerably more articulate, mid/high heavy speakers in 2 or 4x12 cabs. This would serve as great provision for increasing the bass output when combined with "crunchier" speakers, where the focus is on mids. I am thinking of a slightly compressed and very tight (that is *CRITICAL* to the objective) sound, with focus in the lows and low mids. Ceramic is, again, my thought, but this time super heavy, to really allow the speaker to deliver that punch that is wanted.


My goal is to stick a pair of each, stacked or X placed, in a Mesa Boogie Recto Std. Trad. 4x12 (not the oversized model. Straight, as opposed to slanted) based cabinet, I am building (3/4" Voidless Birch and lots of bracing etc). The rest of my rig is comprised of my 6505 (which i am planning on choking), a Monte Allums, with my own thoughts too, modded Boss SD1, and My Washburn X50PROFE which I have 18v modded for so much more clarity and headroom. I cant recommend trying the 18v mod for any active pickups enough. Seriously, it's dead cheap, easy, and easily reversible because you needn't even tough your guitars internals. My music is like Periphery via Parkway Drive via Bring Me The Horizon. I hope that explains my idea better.

So, yeah, all in all, is there any way that i can ever get my dream speakers without making them myself, at a nowhere near WGS quality? (I am only 15, and only have a couple of hundred to splash!!)


Thanks WGS. Love you guys!

09/02/2012 9:02pm


It just MIGHT happen again ... keep watching the blog!

09/03/2012 10:08am

Oh really?!! great!! would I be able to submit both concepts? Also, what do you think of the ideas?

cheers Vaughn :-)

09/09/2012 1:15pm


09/25/2012 11:37am

From the "B" to the "UMP"..............


Who do my ideas sound? marketable? produceable? realistic even??


Just wondering,


Thanks all