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Vox AC4TV replacement speaker

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08/16/2012 11:08am

I've been through all the archives and found some similar questions but not this exact one answered so I'm asking...

I picked up a used Vox AC4TV to use for band rehearsals and while I like its portability I've grown to hate the sound. It's basically a simple SE EL84 circuit with a switchable 16ohm resistor load on the speaker and single Vox branded Celestion 10". The best I can do to describe its present sound is: 'harsh, boxy and thin'. I have good stage hardware but I want my practice amp to be a little less junky sounding. Actually, a lot less junky but I have reasonable expectations. I suspected the speaker was a big part of the problem and experimented with an open back V-30 which is a definite improvement. I obviously lose portability with the external cab so I'd like to correct the little Vox's shortcoming.

To that end I'm thinking about trying a 16-ohm Vet 10 and possible customization of the rear panel to convert it to an open back. Do you think that will get me closer to the external cab experiment?


08/27/2012 5:51pm

I found a guy selling an 'as new' Veteran 10 so I bought it for the experiment. It is not a good fit for the little Vox. The speaker has more mids/highs and very little bottom so the overall harshness is worse. The stock speaker works better.


08/28/2012 3:08pm

The AC4 is like the Blues Junior, Pignose G40V, & other amps that just plain need a bigger box to really sound decent.  Plus, they really can't even get to 5 watts whilst remaining clean ... so headroom is non-existent.  Ultimately, something very efficient like a G10A or Black & Blue in a bigger pine box would be what that amp really needs to be anything other than a sweet little bedroom amp.

08/28/2012 5:08pm

I let it cook for a few hours with some sweeps and it's loosened up a little. I'll use it for band rehearsal a few times then throw the original back in it and see what I think then. I realize I shouldn't rush to judgement with a speaker that isn't broken in.