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Reaper 30 watt speakers or better the 50watt version?

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04/25/2012 9:08am

Hi Forumreaders,

If we have the decision to take a regular 30 watt Reaper together with

a 55hz Reaper 30 watt in a 2x12er cab.(closed or semiopen????).....

will it give me a better tone articulation and sound dynamic if I will take

both Reaper types in the 50 watt version  (HP also in 55hz???? delivery???

Because Vaughn often talks that the 50 watt HP Reaper sounds little warmer

and less gritty than the 30 watt Reaper?

All Comments are welcome. Thank you for reply


04/26/2012 6:45pm

Hi Holly,

Standard Reaper: A bit more touch-sensitive, sparkly & responsive

Reaper HP: a bit warmer and, of course, does not break-up nearly as early.

Overall, if you do not need the extra power-handling of the HP, I'd stick with the 30-watt versions.


04/27/2012 4:49am

Hi Vaughn,

thank you so much for your  reply and support help.

Then I will take the mix of the Standard Reaper and the 55hz Reaper to tame a little

bit the eventually harshness of the Standard Reaper. In a closed back cab for better

result???? Thats the fact...??

By the way is my feeling true that I think the original G12-H30 annives. Celestion sounds

for me more gritty and harsh than the WGS Reaper 30er???

Thats the reason why I think WGS are a better chose for me!!! The ET65 cab sounds

fantastic!!! Thats your recommendation and it takes 100% Vaughn!

Greetings and have Good Luck Vaugn


Holly Rieber






04/27/2012 8:10am

I'm glad the ET65's are delivering what you want!

I have not yet done a full comparison of the Reaper 30 vs the Celestion G12H30 Anniversary.  However, I just acquired a pair of G12H30 Anniversary speakers and plan to do a through shootout soon!

I have compared the G12H30 Anniversary to the WGS Reaper 55 in a high gain shootout about a year and a half back.  It was not one of my best videos ... but you can still find it on youtube (search VSkow's channel), and you can search the blog here.

See ya, oh and please post back with your results :-) 


06/14/2012 4:57pm

Vaughn, what's the ETA on a shootout of the G12H30 and the Reaper 75hz ??

Am trying to decide between the two and there is almost nothing out there on the web comparing these speakers, at least not with any kind of higher-gain applications.

Lifelong Celestion user, so looking for some tangible evidence of the WGS in action in a shootout between these two speakers.  lol 


06/15/2012 12:40am

I need to be reminded every now & then ... I'll try to bump that up to the next couple weeks :-)

07/06/2012 1:04am

Vaughn, just reminding you as requested.  LoL 


08/01/2012 2:10pm

Hi Vaughn,

sorry for writing so late about my experience with the right speaker! But it last a while,

you know that and now I could say a little bit to the success.

First it is awesome and so much musical for me and if you like blues-to moderate rock!

I have as you know the ET 65 paired in a closed back vintage style fender cab.

And now I have after talking here with you about which reaper...taken the Reaper HP!!!

It was my best idea and guys if someone wants to know what to do...Vaughns test

about Reaper and Celestions G12H is absolutely giantestic!!! Great, great, never heard

before such sounds of my guitar-amp-effects way!!! Thank you Vaughn that was the best



The Reaper HP is much more warmer than the standard, but not mushy, not sizzle like the

Celestis!!! That is the tone I look after!!!!

I could say so much but this comb with the ET65 is one of the best I have ever used in

a 2x12er cab, espescially when you use stompboxes the Reaper is very neutral and strong

in the mids and deeps. No overtones but just a speaker who makes waht you want!

But It last a while to drive him in!!! Then you will hear the musical voice of this speaker!!

WGS - that is my personally Entry in Music I play. No longer other speakers, though they might

be good for some other guys. But the WGS Speakers are the best compromise of priceworth,

livelasting and Tone articulation!!!!


Have a nice Sommer with family Vaughn!!


Greetings fra Germany  Holly

08/03/2012 10:16pm

Hi Holly, Thanks for the report on the ET65 paired with the Reaper HP.

So far on our vacation to the family farm, we have loaded sheep, picked some corn, ate a lot of, well ... everything, and slept a lot ... in otherwords, a GREAT vacation!

I'll be back to some speaker demos late next week and first up will be the Celestion G12H30 vs the Reaper ... as promised :-)

08/12/2012 6:33am

Hi Vaughn,

that will be a good time for you to relax from our nervous lasting question partys hey????

But as you know by now WGS-Speakers Family and you are very friendly people who have

a lot of patience with us - the Speaker Searchers - and a lot of us will be very thankful for

your work, your neverending time to describe, to test. to play and so on!!!!

Let me say in this way for more Users and friends: Thank You for your Work!!!!

The Result is that we like WGS and play them and tell friends how nice it is to have help

in this neverending story.


Thats what I want to say and I hope a lot of readers agree with me now!!


Have a good time and God bless you and your family Vaughn


Greetings from Nortern Germany  Holly

08/15/2012 8:20pm

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