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4x12 suggestion for a multi genre guitarist

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07/28/2012 10:38pm



New here and looking for some help. I play through a Weber Halle kit that I built, roughly 50 Watts, Dumble Circuit based clone. LOTS of gain yet sweet when I need her to be.

I have a decent 412 cab(dimensionally same as Marshall 1960), it has yet to truly fail me, just not happy with the speakers (doesn't matter what they are). I play in 2 bands, one fusion - Al Dimeola, Greg How, Holdsworth type stuff. The second is a 80's type sleeze/Hard rock band similar to LA Guns. I prefer to use the 412, although I do have a Lopo 212 that sometimes I use for the fusion gig and that is loaded with Emi Governors ... pretty happy with that. 


I use a 2 humbucker guitar I built. Alder solid body with Sapele, Purple Heart and Maple top. Medium output pickups in various coil combinations.


I want to take the 412 as my main cab and use it for gigging while leaving my 212 in the practice studio. I need  a set of speakers that will sound good in both cases. Nasty hard high gain overdrive and smooth creamy drive to clean. What would you suggest?


Thanks in advance.



07/30/2012 8:18pm

Hi. Just to let you know I purchased the Green Berets for a Marshall sized 4x12 cab, ran through a 100W Plexi and they are awesome for what I play. I like the early breakup of these speakers as they emit this early Tool era growl which is what I was after. I DO NOT crank the volume knobs with this amp! However, if you crank your 50W (which would be fine with the Green Berets) you should be close to early Van Halen, Dokken, Motley Crue type tone. Rolling back the guitars volume knob really lets these speakers sing and introduces an incredible blues tone. This is my experience with these speakers. I have thought about mixing them with the Veteran 30's also. In your case, I might mix the two, or go straight Veteran 30's. I think you'd be happy in either case.