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Speakers for dual duty 4x12

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06/25/2012 5:55pm

Hi Vaugh,

I'm looking to load up a closed back avatar 4x12.  I plan on setting the cab up with 16 ohm speakers so I can run 4/16ohm mono, or 8 ohm stereo.  I've got a Marshal TSL60 and a Mesa/Boogie Tremoverb that I'd like to run throught the cab.  And sometimes I'd like to run both through the cab in stereo mode at the same time (I already built myself a custon head case to fit both amp chassis).  I mostly play alternative, hard rock and classic rock (Foo Fighters, Tool, Led Zeppelin).

So far, your videos have lead me to the retro over the veteran.  My thinking has been something along the lines of 2 retro 30's and 2 ET65's.  But I'm also curious about the new Liberators instead of the ET65.  Any thoughts on how that might work out?

I've also though about doing an unevern paring, so that in stereo mode both sides would have one retro plus one other.  I'd probably stick with the ET65/Liberator paired with the retro for one side, and think about a Reaper HP or Invader (pair with the retro?) on the other side.

I've enjoyed the videos, and I look forward to your feed back.



07/04/2012 1:44pm

Hummm ... when I saw your topic I thought "not AGAIN" ... but your topic is in fact totally new ... and quite thought provoking.

After giving it that thought ... here is my suggestion:

Go with a Ret30 over an ET65 on one side of the cab, and a Ret 30 over a Liberator on the other side.  The difference between "sides" will be small, with the ET65 side being a bit darker and more woody, and the Lib side having just a bit more midrange urgency ... and when ran in mono, the cab should be very versatile and just plain good in all respects.

Please post back with your results if you decide to try this ... I'm awfully curious!