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Returning Customer, Blues Deville 212 Suggestion

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06/06/2012 9:38pm

Alright, The first thing I purchased from WGS was an ET65 and Veteran to put in a Blackstar HT Stage 60.  These speakers along with changing the tubes made this amp sound so much better.  Well, I'm selling the Blackstar because I want some good cleans and just picked up an original Blues Deville.  

I assume and have read that the stock speakers on these amps are basically throw away speakers.  So I was excited to throw the pair from WGS that I already had in.  During installation, I decided to check the impedance on the Fender speakers and sure enough they were 8ohm instead of 16ohm like the WGS.  So now I either have to try to sell the speakers separately or try and get more for the amp because of the speakers.

So my first question is what two speakers would match up best with the Blues Deville?  I looked through all the topics and found that you had mentioned a Retro 30 and an ET65 to someone (although I could be wrong).  Also, take into mind that I would be micing only one speaker at a time live, so I'm looking for two different speakers, that both have a great sound by themselves.  The reason why I'm saying this is because I don't want to get a Retro 30 just because it sound good with an ET65.    I want them to both sound amazing, but different on their own.  I've heard people talk about the mids being cut from the Devilles and that the Retro adds it back, but have also heard they have very harsh mids.  If so, maybe another Veteran 30 is in order.  I want to know your choice and why, regardless of the things i've heard.

Second question is: Does WGS have any kind of system where I could maybe send back my other WGS speakers that I don't need anymore (granted I didn't sell them with the amp)?  They are in great condition and have been broken in well, but not abused.  I just really wish they were 8ohm, because I wouldn't have to ask any of these questions. 




06/06/2012 9:44pm

Also, the tones i'm shooting for tones such as Coldplay, U2, Chris Tomiln, Kristian Stanfill, David Crowder, Phil Wickham, Barcelona, Copeland, Death Cab for Cutie...Clean or with a little bit of dirt...

06/08/2012 8:08am

As an update, I plugged into my amp and played through it for the first time a couple of nights ago.  The tone is so much better than the blackstar and I didn't even think it would be that much better.  I actually like the sound of the stock speakers, but know it could be better with some WGS speakers, so let me know what I should get!

06/08/2012 2:04pm


06/11/2012 11:38am

Go ahead & try the ET65/Vet 30 you have in the BD ... it'll be a little less efficient (loud) at 8-ohms (total load) instead of 4 ... but the BD can take it fine ... especially for just a little while ... then, see how you like ... if you do, then go back with that combination.  If not ...

If you want more sparkle and a fuller bottom, go with the ET65 & a Retro 30.

If you want to warm it up: go w/ two ET65's.

As far as returning used speakers, probably not ... feel free to call & ask for Daniel, he might have an option ... but I doubt it!

06/11/2012 12:42pm

Thanks so much for your help. I was really looking for your knowledge on this Vaughn. 

Also, the other day I was thinking about this and realized that the deville comes in a 4 10" model with all the speakers being 8ohms running a 8ohm load on the amp. So I looked on the Fender site and on the BD it says that the impedance is either 4 or 8ohm. So I called them up and they said they don't even see in their specs a setup running 4ohm from the factory. He said to just run the 2 speakers in parallel and they will be at what the amp was meant to be run at, which is weird because the speakers that are in it say 8ohm on them.  I'll get out my multimeter tomorrow and check them, but either way, if it can run 4 10" speakers at 8ohm, it can also run 2 12's at that. 

09/22/2012 6:42pm


I played for a while with the Blues Deville and the Veteran and ET65 running at 8ohms instead of 4ohms.  Although it sounded pretty good, I felt like I was just missing a bit of top end sparkle.  I think I liked the voicing of the British style speaker better for the amp even though it's an american amp.  I was missing the sparkle so much that I decided to drop the stock eminence speakers in a little bit ago to get it back.  When I did, I couldn't dial in the mid punch that I was getting before with the Veteran and ET65.  The only thing besides the high end sparkle that was bothering me was that I would set a tone at my house, and then when I mic'd the amp, I had to reset the tone again because the two speakers were the combination of the tone I was hearing.  Although I loved the low end of the ET65, I'm thinking that maybe it would be better for me to get two of the same speakers.  Tell me if that sounds stupid, because I guess having a mixed set would give me more options.


Anyways, as you mentioned, I was thinking about getting a Retro 30 and something else or maybe just two Retro 30's.  I think it will have a similar voicing to the Veteran 30, but with some more highs that may keep the sparkle that I like.  Let me know what you think.  I don't want you to tell me I'm right just to make me feel good about my thoughts. haha  I'm just looking for a speaker that will keep that glassiness of the Fender tone, but will add some depth in the mids.



09/26/2012 3:14pm

After calling and talking to both Daniel and Wayne, I realized the best combo for me was going to be mixing a Retro 30 with a Reaper HP.  They recommended this to me to retain better highs and mids.  Although they have more of a similar sound to each other, I think they will pair up quite nicely.  Also, they mentioned that this was the combo most people were using in their matchless amps, and matchless cleans are amazing.


One amazing thing about it is that WGS had a Reaper HP in their Speaker Exchange inventory, so I was able to get that at 25% off.  I will have to wait for a little bit to get the Retro 30 because of bills, but will report back with a review and more WGS praise I'm sure!