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Wierd resonance on Reaper HP

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03/10/2012 2:56pm
I recently purchased a Reaper HP. I love the way it sounds, but now I'm noticing a strange resonance when I play an F note above the 12th fret. It's not the amp, as I tried several with the same guitar, and didn'tt hear it with them unless I hooked up to the Reaper. Any ideas for coping with this? No I don't want to give up F... :)
03/12/2012 9:13pm

To clarify, This is exactly what is happening and what I've done.

Whenever I play an "F" note on the E, B & G strings (above the 12th fret), I get a piercing buzz-like resonance with the note. It only happens if I engage a dirt pedal.

I've used 4 different guitars (two Strats, a Jaguar, and an Epiphone Dot), 3 different dirt pedals, and 3 different amps with this speaker. It makes the noise with all of them.

I've only had it for a week or so, so maybe it's still breaking in?


04/12/2012 8:31am

If so, you might wanta get an RMA and get another one.