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Why no comparison videos with the G12A

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09/26/2011 12:25pm

Hey guys,

I just wondered why the G12A seems to get hardly any coverage on your speaker comparisons. Is that because of the price?

It does work great in my Deluxe Reverb...




09/28/2011 9:31pm

I've been practically begging for demos of the WGS G12A to the point I think I might be becoming a pain in the a@#. I just sold the celestion vintage 30s out of my Mesa boogie Tremoverb in anticipation of installing an american sounding alnico. I tried a RI Jensen P12N. I really liked the tone but the bolt holes would not line up. Any idea How the WGS G12A compares to the jensen P12N? I really believe that The WGS G12A is the ticket. I just would love to hear more demos before I drop $500 dollars on speakers. I Tried the Black Hawk HP and to me it was a bit Dark for the boogie. (The Boogie is a kinda dark in itself) for that matter, I tried a celestion gold and did not like it all. Did the G12A really sweeten the treble on your Deluxe Reverb?




09/30/2011 1:13pm

I will try to do some alnico demos asap ... but it'll probably be a few weeks, which I know will probably fall a little too late for you. 

Yes, the G12's are a speaker in line with the old Jensens.  Similar to the RI Jensen c12N/P12N ... but a little more broken-in and vintage sounding (sweeter top), right outta the box.  The Jensen's need to be played in to acheive this. 

Never heard any in a Mesa Tremoverb.

10/02/2011 4:27pm

Thanks for the reply Vaughn! I can wait for the demo. I very much appreciate you producing them. On another note, are the bolt holes on the G12A ovaled out  and allow a little movement in installation? When the p12n didn't fit jensen customer service reccomended I drill them out. I had a bad experience drilling a speaker and getting metal filings in the voice coil (High school mounting experiment!) and do not want to ever drill my speakers again. I guess my over all question is; Will the WGS G12A fit on a standard 4 bolt celestion pattern? 


Thanks, Michael

10/05/2011 9:10am

This is a better question for Daniel ... maybe he'll chime in here, or email him.  The G12's I personally have on hand are the older vintage 4-hole pattern ... which, yes, would be a perfect fit!  I just checked my Invader and Liberator w/the 8-hole pattern, and they are pure round holes (not slotted).