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Vet 30/HM75 combo?

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07/17/2011 9:52pm

Okay, I've been researching cabinets and speakers lately and have decided I want to use this combination of speaker, but I'm not sure if its quite right. I got the idea to use it because Bogner uses the combination of Celestion Vintage 30s and G12T75 in there Uberkab.

I play heavy music, not super heavy, but like heavy alternative rock/metal or post grunge type of stuff. I use pretty much always play in drop D tuning through a Tech 21 Sansamp PSA. The sound I want to achieve is big and complex. Tight, deep lows, good cutting mids (but not overpowering), and nice bright highs. So  a pretty well rounded sound I guess. My one worry is that there will be too much in the mids and may be a touch too bright for my liking. 

Would this combo work well for this type of in a closed back 2x12 cab? (technically I use 2 2x12 cabs instead of a 4x12)


Clayne III

07/18/2011 5:37pm

Are they big-box 2x12 cabs?  If so, you might be fine.  Otherwise, while I have not used this combination, I'd say that your concerns about it being a bit too strident in the above-2K range might be warranted.  I know I probably sound like a broken record, but how about the ET-65 with the HM75?

07/18/2011 6:01pm

The ET65 sounds a little too "wooly"  and loose to me.

And yes they're big boxes I believe. Their dimesions are: 20 high x 14 long x 30 deep. 

07/19/2011 7:32pm

ET65s: Wooly, yes, but not loose - those girls have some serriously tight bottoms!  However, they are warm speakers!  Yea, your cab is certainly a big-box 2x12 - so your Vet30/HM75 combo sounds like it has merrit.  Let me know how it works out, maybe youtube a vid!  It'll be a new combination to me.

07/20/2011 3:13am

Well, this is a tough decision. I might just have to try both combinations haha. I think I'm going to take your reccomendation and go with the ET65/HM75 combo. If I don't like it, I'll buy a vet. 


Thanks for the advice Vaughn! I really appreciate the help (and the quick response time! very impressive :) )

07/20/2011 10:55am

Me thinks you'll be a very happy picker ... but if not, and you want to swap the ET65 - remember to keep it nice and clean, and then you can return it for the swap ... no questions asked :-)...

10/13/2011 3:25pm

Well, I've had the speakers in my cab for about a month or so now, and I just wanted to drop in and tell you how GOOD these things sound. 


I really think this was the optimum set up for me. I've miked both speakers seperately so I could hear how each one sounded individually, and I think I like the HM75 better alone, but together... WOW! Even more amazing. THat ET65 blends with it really well and just fattens up the bottom amazingly. Thanks WGS!


I will be posting a video demo soonish. Whenever my Strat gets fixed haha.

08/20/2012 9:42pm

wich is better on top ? the ET65 or the HM75 ? (in a 2x12)

08/21/2012 9:17am

When mixing the ET65, I almost always prefer the ET65 on the bottom ... since what it adds to the mix is fatness/fullness ... I like it coupled to the floor as much as possible.