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Love the Veteran 30, but could use more brightness

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05/25/2011 1:37am

I've had a Veteran 30 in 1x12 closed back cabinet for the last several months, and I really love it.  Up til now I had it paired with an amp that has a ton of brightness on tap.  I've now moved onto another amp (brownface deluxe clone) that sounds great with the Veteran 30, but lacks just a bit of the brightness I've grown accustomed to in the old amp.

So, what warehouse speaker would you recommend that sounds just like the Veteran 30, but with a bit more brightness and sparkle in the high end?  My first guess is the Retro 30, but I want to be sure.





05/25/2011 7:23am

You are dead-on with the Retro 30.    Next week, I'll be posting a video where I do A/B the Vet 30 and Retro 30 - I can send you a link to the video if you want to watch it asap. 

05/25/2011 8:42am

Yes, that would be fantastic.  Thanks Vaughn!

05/25/2011 8:44am

Yes, that would be great.  Thanks Vaughn!

06/01/2011 2:09pm

That did the trick!  I got the Retro 30 on Monday and installed it yesterday.  It was like taking a blanket off this amp.  Same great tone as the Veteran 30, just more clarity and brightness.  Thanks for the help Vaughn.

06/02/2011 6:00pm

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