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Speaker for Carr Sportsman

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Alvin Touchet
05/21/2021 2:16pm

I have a Carr Sportsman, which is a twin 6v6, single 12” combo. It’s kind of a cross between a Princeton Reverb and has some traits of a tweed Deluxe. It comes stock with an Eminence Red White and Blues, which is very efficient, but rather dull sounding. I already had a WGS G12C/S so I stuck it in there and it’s a definite improvement, especially with overdrive pedals. However, I find it may be a bit too midrange sounding. The midrange control on the Sportsman is very powerful, so I’d like a speaker that is more scooped or a bit flatter sounding in the midrange. According to the tone chart, an ET65 might be just right. I don’t want to give up the efficiency of the G12C/S, so would the ET65 be a good choice, or something else? I definitely don’t want to add any more mids.

David B Bliss
06/23/2021 1:04pm

I haven't heard a Carr Sportsman, but I have a modified Silvertone 1482 that is also two 6V6 tubes and people say it is similar to a Tweed Deluxe. I modified mine by adding cathode bypass caps to the preamp tubes and a few other adjustments to tighten up the low end. Based on your description of the Carr, we are in the same ball park.

I spent some time with a friend trying different speakers with it. He has a number of different cabs that are loaded with Reaper, V30, Green Beret and G12C (not the smooth cone version). The last speaker we listened to was the one that I had installed in the cabinet - an ET65. When we fired it up his comment was, "there's your speaker right there." Last week I played a gig and swapped out the ET65 for the G12C but the ET65 is going back in.

By the way, I tried the ET65 with my Vox AC15 and didn't care for it. Sounded fine but nothing special. I prefer the G12C with the Vox which seems like an odd pairing on paper but as shown on the front page of the WGS home page, other people liked the combination as well. YMMV.

07/30/2021 9:14pm

Yep, my fote is solidly for the ET65 as well ... you'll LOVE that combo!