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4x10 sealed cab for heavy guitar tones

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Joshua L Wilson
04/01/2021 11:49pm

Hi, I recently stumbled upon an empty Sound City 4x10 cab from my dad's old band. It was sitting in storage for well over 40 years and he had forgotten all about it so he told me it's mine. I've had limited experience with 10" speakers and never used them in a cab like this one before. I typically run big single channel el34 amps (Orange OR80, Peavey Windsor etc) for kind of Sabbath, Electric Wizard, HoF esque tones. Going for heavy but not super high-gain.

What sort of speakers would you recommend for this application? I have a couple of Eminence Red Fangs sitting around so I was thinking of pairing those with a couple of Green Beret 10s. Or maybe just going all Green Beret and saving the Eminence for another project. I'm also not sure just how much low end a single 4x10 will put out so maybe I could run it alongside an oversized 2x12 or even 2x15 cab?

Thanks for any advice and input

05/02/2021 10:57pm

You won't know how speakers will combine until you try due to how the mutual cone resonances may cancel or not. The 3kHz peak of the Red Fang 10's is in the "ice pick" zone (see the F-M loudness curve), but the overall peak should be somewhat subdued and spread out combined with the GB10's, which should also add some nice midbass warmth. I'd try combining them in an X pattern and see what you think. If you want more 4kHz+ chime for your cleaner tones without added 3-3.5kHz, you might try a Retro 10 on top instead of the Red Fang. You won't generally hear above ~1.5kHz from the bottom speakers anyway due to how 10" speakers disperse. I wouldn't run the OR80 at full bore into that cab though because the GB10's have paper former and might burn up when hit with the 25W+ that head could deliver to each one when maxed. I'm curious what Vaughn thinks.

05/05/2021 6:11pm

Definitely the 10" GB's are a perfect choice ... I'd say see how they pair with the Emi's ... and if you don't like it, go with 4 GB 10's.
BTW: That's a VERY cool old cab. Sound City stuff was seriously high quality, I just had a pair of Sound City heads in my shop ... built for a lifetime and then some!