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Simple question - which of these 2 options is better?

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07/05/2020 7:40pm

...So I want to remove the the stock T75s from my Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet as they are just too harsh.

Reading through lots of posts here on the forum about this cabinet and it would seem that pretty much anything paired with an ET65 is the way to go. So given the ET65 will be used for the first pair, but what will be the ultimate match to pair with them?

I play mostly 80s hair rock, Van Halen, etc, thru to 90s britpop, grunge and alternative stuff like Tool (I know that is quite a lot of ground to cover!). I use an amp modeler (positive grid bias) and spend lots of time with the higher gain models (Diezel VH4, SLO, Plexi etc.).

Any suggestions here would be great. So far I'm thinking either the Retro 30 or Reaper will be the other pair but keen to know what you think!

Should I also go for X pattern or put the ET65s on top?

07/19/2020 3:25pm

You're on the right track !!! Ret30's and ET65's in x-pattern should cover ALLLLL that ground!

07/20/2020 6:33am

Save your money and try just one ET65 (or whatever speaker you prefer the high end of) in the top and remove the two diagonal mounted T75's. You'll only hear the high end of the ET65 and the low end of the bottom mounted T75, and there won't be the strong "beaming" effect that makes the sound on stage so inconsistent. You can board up the speaker holes for a tight punch that's a bit deeper than the 4x12" punch, or leave one or both holes open depending on preference. Leaving both T75's in the bottom might be great. Try that first with just the open top hole, although the bass of a closed cab should sound more consistent in different settings.