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Scott Brunelle
05/04/2020 3:58pm

Hey folks! Got a 40w california tweed Head and 2 1x12 cabs, vintage rola celestion G12-65 and G12-80 in them respectively. I like the 65 but the low mid of the 80 isn't my thing, might be darker overall as well. I've been thinking about switching the 80 out for something here - retro 30, g12a, blackhawk...things that I'm considering are - I play with high presence, love sparkle, great cleans important. I want something that won't overpower the 65 but compliment it. Mesa loads the combos with the Jensen blackbird which is a 100w alnico and I loved the feel of it when I played a combo in store. I feel that response is missing with my head and the vintage ceramics. Would any of the Wgs alnico work well in conjunction or should I just start fresh and do retro 30/ et65 etc...also I spread out the 1x12 cabs so volume similarity is important for a symmetrical image. I was playing the vintage celestions in a 2x12 opposite a mesa express combo previously and the 90w black shadows overpowered the rolas...the g12 65 is warm and great sounding with no harshness so I would like to keep it but if it isnt going to work out in terms of balance I'd be willing to just do 2 new speakers. Any thoughts?

05/05/2020 11:35pm

Okay ... totally hear ya!!! so, if it were me, I'd keep the 65 and add a Blackhawk HP, which is flat-out my #1 favorite current production speaker today and is what I use almost exclusively in my own Vaughn Skow 1x12 combos ( Soooo sweet! Tight, firm, yet generous bottom, beautiful vocal mids, and the sweetest top end ... perfect. It should play well with the old G12-65. too :-)

Scott Brunelle
05/06/2020 8:52am

Thanks man! That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Will order asap and let you know!