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Just got an AC15C2 what combo should I go for?

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First Run
01/17/2020 9:23pm

I’m looking at going for a Green Beret and a Reaper. Low wattage speakers that look to compliment each other and would work well with the sound of an AC15.

01/28/2020 10:04am

If you want to add a good bit of bottom end whilst still keeping the solid Brit flavor of that amp then, yes ... I 100% agree ... you've got a GREAT plan there :-)

Andrew Cottle
02/03/2020 8:20am

I've used a Reaper in an AC 15 clone and it sounds great.

Kevin Stuart
04/20/2020 11:29am

Probably late on this one but I use a Reaper and Alnico Black & Blue. From my experience with Greenbacks the models they have in the twin did not sound good at all nor like the UK Greenbacks after a long break in. I consider over a year of heavy playing a good break in. I still want to experiment with my ac15 twin. I also have an ac10 that I first had a UK Greenback but grew tired of too much bass or none as the taper on all the pots are extreme on my British Racing Green model. So I purchased the retro 10 and it's awesome. Sounds fuller, maybe more head room but nothing dramatic, and still like a Vox. I will say with the UK Greenback the overdrive could not be touched but that made it a one trick pony for me as most other settings did not work for me. Funny I like my AC10c more than my twin even with al the money in tubes and speakers I put in. Hope what you chose by now is working out for you. ~Kevin