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Tweed Princeton reverb 1x12 ri

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01/16/2020 8:32am

I have a ri Princeton that came with a cannabis rex. It didn't give me the warm and fuzzies so I bought a g12c to try and WOW more body more clean headroom more definition I love it. Now I have a 68 vibrolux ri 2x10 not completely happy with it with the stock ten 30's. I plugged in the g12c and really liked it so my question is should I change the baffle and go with 1x12 or the 2 g10c set? How close is the 10 to the 12? Next I was going to buy the ET-65 for my 68 deluxe ri but I have been so impressed with the g12c I'm have second thoughts.

01/28/2020 10:07am

Oh man ... can't jump on this one fast enough!!! DEFINITELY go with a G10C pair and you will be very, very, VERY happy!!

For the '68 DRRI, I'd go with ...
G12Q - if you want it to sound dead-on real VINTAGE '68.
ET-65 - for maximum flexibility
G12C/S - If you want it loud and very tweed/woody sounding ... it'll almost take it into low-power tweed twin teratory!

01/29/2020 9:35am

So I got the g10c's installed in the vibrolux and there great. For the 68 deluxe ri I tried the et-65, g12c, vintage 30, an old ev I had and an old vintage rock out of a dean markley but wound up back with the g12 type-v that came in it.

01/29/2020 1:30pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to post your results here Ben!

Kevin Ganoe
02/26/2020 2:04am

I also have a tweed Princeton Reverb and also less than happy with the Cannabis Rex. I have a G10C/S in a small ampeg amp I really like so I am more tempted to go G12 C/S than 12C. Vaughn your comment above about the 12C/S going into low powered tweed twin category really has me going that way. But I keep looking at the BlackHawk Alnico 50, even though the cost is higher. Any thoughts appreciated on the BlackHawk as an alternative.