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12 inch speaker for Redplate Bluesline amp

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12/02/2019 1:48am

picked up a used Redplate Bluesline amp head, hooked it up to a 1x12 cab with a Celestian G12K-100. The Redplate already is a little on the dark side and with that speaker it is way too boomy. Also tried a 4x10 cab which seemed a little brighter and better clarity, but don't want to drag a 4x10 around, the 1x12 wound be easier to transport. Looking for a clear speaker with low sensitivity to hit that sweet spot without being too loud.

12/10/2019 4:42pm

Brighter AND low sensitivity. Wow that’s tough ... especially in a speaker that can handle a solid 50 tube RMS watts!
I’d say the Retro 30 is your BEST bet, but it’s not a low-sens speaker.

12/18/2019 12:51am

Hey Vaughn, I was looking at the alnico speakers and saw the 96db rating on the G12A, so took a gamble and ordered one !

12/20/2019 5:51am

Excellent speaker choice, IMHO. Looks like a really well-designed amp. From there you could go with tube changes to alter the response character if needed. The website picture looks like it comes stock with JJ EL34's. Those are considered a "neutral" sounding EL34 -- maybe a bit on the crunchy side. The ShuGuang and Tung Sol are EL34B types, which are more resonant (fatter) with more high harmonic generation. There are several other JJ EL34 types you could use to alter the response. From bright to dark, they generally go:

KT77 - Full, fat and clean -- like a KT66 with tighter mids.
EL34II - Fat & harmonically rich EL34B type. A bit smoother than the EL34.
EL34L - Deeper, tighter and fuller than the standard EL34. Can sound too "stiff" for some tastes. The amp's Presence control apparently adjusts the low end GNF, so it should be a good choice for a cleaner sound than the EL34II.
EL34 - Neutral & slightly crunchy.
6CA7 - fat, tight and smooth.

For new preamp tubes, most people like the Tung Sol and ShuGuang 12ax7's. There are options to alter the tonality there. The JJ ECC83MG is more neutral, smooth and open sounding than the standard JJ ECC83S -- a bit cleaner than the ShuGuang, and maybe tighter than the Tung Sol. Mixing them based on those guidelines might be cool experiment. The "long plate" spiral filament JJ ECC803S has ~10% less gain than the JJ ECC83S. I'd only use it in the V5 PI slot. It has a deeper low end punch and sweeter high end detail, but it also has up to 20% more output, so you'll get a tad less PI tube to more power tube overdrive for an overall smoother and more dynamic overdrive sound = more-vintage/less-Metal. The Sovtek 12ax7LPS is a more mushy/dirty long-plate/spiral-filament tube liked for Marshalls.

12/22/2019 9:10pm

Rogelio, please come back here and post your results ... I’m curious, and I bet others will be too!

01/03/2020 8:29am

Mind you: it's E34L. In european nomenclature The "34" is moved one position to indicate it's an upgraded model, yet retaining the "34"(type) and the EL (function) in the code.

Same thing with the E83CC

01/08/2020 7:09pm

Ah, cool. JJ calls it the EL34L. It just has one spec change from the EL34. Some claim it has stronger bass than the standard EL34, but it should just be deeper bass and higher highs (possibly just less Miller capacitance effect) with a more aggressive/crunchy midrange. My understanding is the standard EL34 and EL34II are progressively softer/looser/more-resonant. The EL34II may just sound brighter than the EL34 because it generates harmonics easier, so I guess the perception of brightness has to do with the amp circuit and how hard the tubes are driven. The specs are identical to the EL34, so my guess is just a looser vacuum.

02/25/2020 1:47am

Sorry for late reply, had a chance to fiddle with the amp some more. Changed the power tubes from E34L to standard JJ EL34, also changed preamp tubes but added an E83CC in V1 spot. Tone was a little better but still had a boxy sound to it. Meanwhile, I was breakin' in the G12A for about a week, rigged it up to my stereo headphone output. Pulled the Celestian out and in she went. The tone was better, clearer, and due to the lower sensitivity, made way to push the Master Volume up a notch. No more boomy, boxy sound. Funny how 3 decibels made a difference, even the bass player said I'm cuttin' through the mix now. Really like the G12 Alnico tone !!