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Invader & G12C/S Pairing Advice For Heavy Sounds

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08/17/2019 11:55am

I have searched the forums and I haven't quite found what I am looking for although I did uncover a lot of useful info. Great forum!
I play in a touring prog-psych-stoner-rock band. We are looking to upgrade the speakers in our 4x12 cabs. I play a tele with effects through a 50 watt kind of Swiss army knife Marshall amp I built (clean Jtm to JCM tones) and have enjoyed this amp greatly through greenbacks. We use 2 mics on each cab live so I think a X pattern cab could really broaden our tonal palette live and in the studio.
I am for sure putting 2 Invaders in the cab, but I am looking for the second set to "round" out the sound. I want some more tight low end for the doom, but also some sparkle to ride over the midrangey-ness of the greenback sound. I have played this amp clean/slight break up through a G12C and loved it, but I have never played through that speaker with heavy distortion and pedals which is what this band is. I am also looking for something to help cut and sound more full at the same time.... oxymorons I guess..
So, has anyone tried a Marshall gain heavy amp through a G12C or G12C/S? I am concerned it might be a little harsh under load, but it also might sound....... awesome!

Any advice appreciated

Daniel St Peters
08/22/2019 7:35pm

G12c/s, yes. The sparkle you seek, you will not find here.

08/23/2019 6:48pm

I get what you are going for with that pairing. Unfortunately, different cone types don't necessarily mix as expected due to the phase relationship between cone resonances. Vaughn did try mixing a G12C with one of the British speakers in a very long video demo. It sounded a bit edgy and maybe like there was some midrange cancellation? Maybe he can link to that demo?

Mixing with the Reaper HP might do the trick. It has strong & tight bass and more ~4kHz+ sparkle than the Invader 50. The ET90 might also work for what you want, but with a smoother sounding 4kHz+ range.

08/31/2019 11:08pm

"I want some more tight low end for the doom, but also some sparkle to ride over the midrangey-ness of the greenback sound. "
Dude! This one is 100% for sure: Mix a pair of Retro 30's with the Invaders ... it will flat NAIL what you are looking for!!!
The x-pattern difference between the two speakers will also be spectacular.

09/03/2019 4:35pm

Well. We shall see how they work as I am picking them up from customs tomorrow! I hope I chose a good combo! Thanks for chiming in everyone.

09/03/2019 9:34pm

Awesome, post back with your results!