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Invader & G12C/S Pairing Advice For Heavy Sounds

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08/17/2019 11:55am

I have searched the forums and I haven't quite found what I am looking for although I did uncover a lot of useful info. Great forum!
I play in a touring prog-psych-stoner-rock band. We are looking to upgrade the speakers in our 4x12 cabs. I play a tele with effects through a 50 watt kind of Swiss army knife Marshall amp I built (clean Jtm to JCM tones) and have enjoyed this amp greatly through greenbacks. We use 2 mics on each cab live so I think a X pattern cab could really broaden our tonal palette live and in the studio.
I am for sure putting 2 Invaders in the cab, but I am looking for the second set to "round" out the sound. I want some more tight low end for the doom, but also some sparkle to ride over the midrangey-ness of the greenback sound. I have played this amp clean/slight break up through a G12C and loved it, but I have never played through that speaker with heavy distortion and pedals which is what this band is. I am also looking for something to help cut and sound more full at the same time.... oxymorons I guess..
So, has anyone tried a Marshall gain heavy amp through a G12C or G12C/S? I am concerned it might be a little harsh under load, but it also might sound....... awesome!

Any advice appreciated

Daniel St Peters
08/22/2019 7:35pm

G12c/s, yes. The sparkle you seek, you will not find here.

08/23/2019 6:48pm

I get what you are going for with that pairing. Unfortunately, different cone types don't necessarily mix as expected due to the phase relationship between cone resonances. Vaughn did try mixing a G12C with one of the British speakers in a very long video demo. It sounded a bit edgy and maybe like there was some midrange cancellation? Maybe he can link to that demo?

Mixing with the Reaper HP might do the trick. It has strong & tight bass and more ~4kHz+ sparkle than the Invader 50. The ET90 might also work for what you want, but with a smoother sounding 4kHz+ range.

08/31/2019 11:08pm

"I want some more tight low end for the doom, but also some sparkle to ride over the midrangey-ness of the greenback sound. "
Dude! This one is 100% for sure: Mix a pair of Retro 30's with the Invaders ... it will flat NAIL what you are looking for!!!
The x-pattern difference between the two speakers will also be spectacular.

09/03/2019 4:35pm

Well. We shall see how they work as I am picking them up from customs tomorrow! I hope I chose a good combo! Thanks for chiming in everyone.

09/03/2019 9:34pm

Awesome, post back with your results!

03/09/2020 8:03am

So, Ive been playing our two 4x12 Hiwatt cabs loaded with WGS speakers since early October. One has invaders with C12/s and invaders with R30s in them. Both are loaded with a X pattern and sound excellent. Much better than the stoke strange Hiwatt speakers that were previously installed. The two cabs sound pretty similar, but the cab loaded with the C12/S is the winner for me and my bandmates and is the one we used to record most of our new album with. The C12/s provides a little "American" flavor if you will, but without the icepick of Jensens. If find these speakers take heavy pedal tones quite well and are a good compliment to the Invaders. We are excited to take these cabs on the road and get the mic'd up with two distinct flavor tones for our sound engineer to work with. Thank you to Daniel and the WGS crew for top notch customer support and getting all these speakers to Germany insanely fast.

05/05/2020 11:19pm

There ya go! That's almost exactly the VanHalen 1 tone we've discussed here on this forum a ton ... which was two JBD D130 (same smooth cone as ours) and two Greenbacks in a 4x12!