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Victory V40 Deluxe Head

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04/10/2019 1:55am

Hello! I have a Victory V40 Deluxe head and I’m wondering your suggestion for a 1x12 and 2x12 cab? I’m looking to build my own cab. I play mainly blues/rock, funk, indie. I like my amp to be clean to slight breakup and get my od from my pedals. Thanks!

04/23/2019 11:10am

Lord almighty, I WANT that amp! They are sooo perfect, never before has an amp actually managed to put the very best blackface Fender tone and the very best Marshall tone in the same amp ... and I ain't talking "close" ... I'm talkin NAILED IT!

So ... you certainly don't need a speaker to cure any problems ... just one that will get out of the way and let the amp be it's glorious self. And for this the clear winner is the ET65 (in either 1x12 or 2x12) ... come back and thank me later :-)

04/25/2019 4:51am

Yes! It’s an absolute monster of an amp!!! I’m leaning toward a 2x12 cab from mojo tone. You think 2 ET65s is the way to go? No mixing with anything else to cover lows mids and highs????

04/25/2019 5:35am

Maybe a combination like ET65 with the Veteran OR Retro 30???

04/29/2019 1:43pm

Pair of ET65's!