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Combination for 2x12 Cab used with Vintage Sound Amps Vintage 40 Head and Naylor SD60 Head

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03/13/2012 12:22pm

I need to load a semi open back 2x12 cabinet that I will use with my Vintage Sound Amps vintage 40 head (Super Reverb Head with no Vibrato) and my Naylor Super Drive 60 (think Dumble meets hot rodded vintage Bassman)Very Woodsy and smooth overdrive. The cab is an Avatar Traditional Premier 212 with the oval opening in the back. Many of the Nashville guys are running 2x12 with 2 Vet 30's for their Fender or Vintage Sound Amps so I am looking at that combination. However, in Vaughn's comparison videos I loved the tone of the single ET-65 against the Fane speaker. that was killer tone. However, I have been told that 2 ET65's would probably be too scooped sounding for the Fender circuit. I know it works with the Naylor though. Out of all of the combinations Vaughn ran I really liked the ET65 and Reaper the best. It sounded full with a broad spectrum and was still tight and responsive. Many are saying to put the ET65 with the Reaper HP for a bit more punch and clarity and to hold up better but I run my amps at relatively low volumes. I need a combination that will work well with both amps but don't want to give up the best tone for flexibility so if I have to have 2 separate cabs for the heads I can do that also...but i would rather not. So, I am looking for a little help here. I keep hearing the Vet 30 with the ET65 is the best but my ears on Vaughn's videos make the Vet 30 and ET65 sound thin compared to the Reaper and ET65. I am playing modern Country and Southern/Classic Rock. Here is what I am thinking so far. please let me know if I missed anything. Thank you so much for your help.

ET65 + Reaper

ET65 + Reaper HP

ET65 + Vet 30

2 ET65's

2 Vet 30's


04/12/2012 8:29am

I have that same cab ... semi-open ... very nice.

In your case, I'd go with an ET65 and either the Reaper (which is loosely based on a Celestion G12H30 Anniversary) ... or a Retro 30.  Of the two, the Retro will have more top end sparkle and shimmer.

Yea, the two ET65's in that big cab would leave you wanting more upper midrange.

BTW: I'm a big fan of both of those amps ... my personal desert island (with electricity) amp is my '67 Super Reverb (even over my '64 Super Reverb).

Post back w/your results ... hope this helps!

04/19/2012 1:56pm

What did you end up with? 

I also have an oval open back 212 cab with G12M/G12H that I want to replace with an ET65 and another speaker.