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1954 Holy-Grail Historic Stratocaster® Set

1954 Holy-Grail Historic Stratocaster® Set

Historic Aging

This was the year that Leo Fender and Freddie Tavares's iconic design would shape generations of musicians to come. Producing tones drenched in complex harmonic content that are bright and sparkly as well as warm and woody. Many consider these early AlNiCo III pickups to be the true Holy-Grail of Strat tone. WARNING: Prolonged use of this product has proven to be highly addictive.
This is the iconic yet immensely versatile Strat tone of Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Buddy Holly, Dick Dale, John Frusciante, and even Dave Murray of Iron Maiden; plus oh so many more.

“Best of” vintage specs include:
• Hand-charged Alnico III vintage staggered sand cast polepiece magnets.
• Vintage Heavy Formvar 42ga copper magnet wire.
• Hand-wound by a master craftsman with a distinct scatter pattern.
• Calibrated for optimum Bridge, Middle, & Neck positions.
• Available with Historic aging treatment.
• Historically correct hand Lacquer potting.
• Vintage correct black vulcanized fiber work.
• Vintage pickup height tension conical spring
• Vintage Nickel Pickup height adjustment screws.
• Pickup covers - your choice of white or cream.
• Vintage cloth push-back pre-tinned wire leads.
• Available in Vintage-spec all NORTH-up orientation or with Reverse-Wound/Reverse Polarity middle pickup for hum cancellation in combination positions 2 and 4 on modern 5-way Stratocaster pickup switches. (Please note that original 1954 pickups were all wound in the same direction and same polarity, but those guitars only had 3-way Switches! If you want hum-cancellation in positions 2 and 4, don't choose all-north polarity.)

Average Resistance & Induction at 70 degrees F:
• Bridge: 6.6 K/3.1 Henrys
• Middle: 6.3K/2.8 Henrys
• Neck: 6.0K/2.6 Henrys
(IMPORTANT: Specs change with temperature and many other conditions/variables, especially RESISTANCE.
NEVER use resistance as a firm indicator of a pickup's output, tone, or anything else!)