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12" Retro 30 - 75 Watts

12" Retro 30 - 75 Watts


The 12” Retro 30™ speaker is a brighter and more articulate version of the WGS Veteran 30™ speaker. The Retro 30™ also boasts deeper and tighter bottom end. This speaker is extremely versatile and comes alive on the dirty channel. For those who love to mix speakers, you should pair this with the Reaper™ or the ET65™.

Unit Weight: 10 pounds

Mounting Information

  • Diameter 12.2”
  • Overall depth 5.3”
  • Cut-out diameter 11.1”
  • Mounting slot dimensions 0.31”
  • Number of mounting slots: 4
  • Mounting slot PCD 11.7”





    Resonant Frequency (Fs):

    103.76 Hz

    DC Resistance (Re):

    8.04 Ohm

    Coil Inductance (Le):

    0.33 mH

    Mechanical Q (Qms):


    Electromagnetic Q (Qes):


    Total Q (Qts):


    Compliance Equiv. Vol. (Vas):

    16.28 cu ft

    Mech. Compliance of Susp. (Cms):

    0.09 mm/N

    BL Product (BL):

    13.85 T-M

    Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms):

    27.48 grams

    Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

    366.1 Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

    Sound Pressure Level (spl):

    99.63 db

    Customer Reviews

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    12" retro 30 75 watts

    put both in a 4x12 with wgs 65's i already had. they do match up very well. some reviews elsewhere i've read have said the 65 doesn't have the decibel level that it's rated at. the heck it doesn't. the reason i put the 75's in was because i had two celestion v30's in that cabinet that weren't as loud as the wgs 65's. and yeah i was tempted since one of your combo suggestions is the 75 and 65. both match up volume/decibel wise in the cab. looks to me i've found the speakers that give me the tones i was looking for. thanks guys


    12" Retro 30 - 75 Watts

    the best speakers for a 1985 JCM 800 2203

    it does not get any better. these speakers are made for a 1985 JCM 800 2203.


    I like your speaker. It is the second speaker that I have speakerd. May I please have another speaker for having spoken about the speaker?

    Review of Econgblues on 12" Retro 30 - 75 Watts

    i was going to purchase one of these again as i have in the past but however, the price has doubled from the last time i purchased one. i bought two of these for the price of just one speaker now. goddamn inflation lol

    Artists that use this speaker:

    Dave Marshall

    Dave Marshall

    Dave Marshall is in the elite category of world class virtuoso Rock guitar players. Possibly best known for his time as lead guitarist with glam metal artists Vince Neil or Fiona, Dave has also toured the world with Slaughter, Steve Vai, Rod Stewart, and Michael Jackson. Dave’s musicality has garnered him coveted spots as Musical Director on major tours. When not playing, Dave is a highly regarded guitar tech having served a wide array of legendary guitar players like Peter Frampton, James Burton, Eddie VanHalen, Nine Inch Nails and more.

    Brad Sample

    Brad Sample

    One of Nashville's most in-demand guitar-slingers, Brad Sample is currently the lead guitarist and musical director for Warner Brothers recording artist William Michael Morgan. Brad is a tremendously versatile player; from hardcore bluegrass with Ricky Skaggs, to the synth pop gods that were The Telecommunicators, to fronting Indy Rock band Run With Bulls. Brad cut his teeth in the CCM world with artists like Kimber Rising and Kerrie Roberts. Brad was Brett Eldredge's lead guitar player for his "Don't Ya" tour and went on to play with Chuck Wicks, Meg Linsey, Michael Ray, Rachel Potter, Levi Hummon, Bryson Jennings, Josh Dorr and many more. He is also currently producing records and working as a session guitar player.

    Logan Ramp

    Logan Ramp

    Logan Ramp is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. After being introduced to groups like the Eagles, Boston, and Lynyrd Skynyrd at an early age, he became fascinated with music. Hearing Eric Clapton at the age of 9, inspired him to pick up a guitar and he immediately started practicing numerous hours a day, further influenced by greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Jimmy Page. By the age of 10, he was playing local events and talent contests near his hometown in Southern Indiana. By his mid-teens, Logan was digging further into the early blues players like Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Junior Kimbrough, and Son House. At this time, he knew he wanted to pursue music professionally and in 2009, he moved to Nashville to study at Belmont University. During his time studying at Belmont, Ramp had the opportunity to grow into a more versatile musician, incorporating jazz and country styles, further influenced by greats such as Albert Lee, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Charlie Christian.
    In addition to playing regularly with several artists, songwriters, and bands in and around Nashville, he has worked on studio sessions and toured nationally and with various artists. His capabilities include guitars (electric, acoustic, resonator, nylon string), lead & backing vocals, in various genres including country, blues, soul, jazz, and rock. Logan is also currently pursuing his love of blues and songwriting with his own blues project, performing with a full band, as well as acoustic solo or duo shows.