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12" BlackHawk HP alnico - 100 watts

12" BlackHawk HP alnico - 100 watts


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The high-power 12” BlackHawk™ alnico speaker has arrived! Now your 1x12” 100-watt amp can really purr... This guitar speaker will give your amp a pristine top end, tight mids, and just the right amount of warmth and bottom end.

Unit Weight: 9.5 pounds

Mounting Information

  • Diameter 12 3/16"
  • Overall depth 6 3/8"
  • Cut-out diameter 11"
  • Mounting slot dimensions 1/4"
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Mounting slot PCD 11 3/4"




Resonant Frequency (Fs):

88.14 Hz

DC Resistance (Re):

7.84 Ohm

Coil Inductance (Le):

0.35 mH

Mechanical Q (Qms):


Electromagnetic Q (Qes):


Total Q (Qts):


Compliance Equiv. Vol. (Vas):

21.04 cu ft

Mech. Compliance of Susp. (Cms):

0.11 mm/N

BL Product (BL):

11.16 T-M

Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms):

29.46 grams

Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

366.1 Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

Sound Pressure Level (spl):

99.26 db

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anthony Hernandez
Really love the speaker

Everyone immedietly agreed the speaker was much better than the stock speaker in my VOXAC30S1. Great speaker and it's not even broken in yet.

Michael newell
Review of Michael newell on 12" BlackHawk HP alnico - 100 watts

I recently bought several different WGS speakers, all I found to be great sounding speakers. But that being said, this 100 watt HP Alnico speaker not only looks great, it sounds great paired with the WGS ET-65 , both in a Mather Vox AC30 cab , made of Baltic birch. I managed to get the HP Alnico speaker at a discounted price by a music store that was getting rid of all their stock plus free shipping, what a deal. I was extremely impressed with the tone of my Ceriatone HRM amp after this purchase. To be honest, I may sound biased , but I think most speakers made in America are great, but this American company, WGS has hit the nail right on the head with this HP Alnico. Don't hesitate buy this speaker, you won't be sorry. Thanks from Michael Newell from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Artists that use this speaker:

Jimmy Herring

Jimmy Herring

Jimmy Herring is currently the lead guitarist in the band Widespread Panic. Herring is a founding member of both Aquarium Rescue Unit and Jazz is Dead. He has also played with the Allman Brothers Band, Project Z, Derek Trucks Band, and had a long and successful tenure with Phil Lesh and Friends, as well as The Dead.

Nicky Moroch

Nicky Moroch

Nicky Moroch has performed with numerous ensembles and appeared on countless recordings, most notably with artists such as Lenny White, David Bowie, and Bill Evans.

Chad Lesch

Chad Lesch

Chad Lesch is the lead guitarist of the rock band Stone Driver which was recently voted as "Best Original Band" by the Washington City Paper for 2018. Stone Driver has shared billings with Vintage Trouble, Smash Mouth, Everclear, Everlast, Living Colour, Bush, and The B-52's. For Stone Driver's high energy blend of rock, grunge, and blues, Chad favors Two-Rock & Soldano amps paired with 2x12 cabs loaded with a WGS Blackhawk HP and WGS12L speaker.

"The WGS12L's full frequency response and muscle combined with the Blackhawk HP's chime and warmth is a sweetheart when you play clean, cuts like a velvet dagger with a little overdrive, and then hits you like a sledgehammer to the chest with some of the rawest and complex tones I've ever heard when gained up. They are an absolute joy and inspiration to play."