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12" G12C/S - 75 watts

12" G12C/S - 75 watts


If you are looking for a speaker with a classic American vibe, but need a smoother more soulful top end, look no further than the WGS G12C/S. This is based on our popular G12C, but with a smooth cone, felt dust cap, and just the right amount of edge treatment. This speaker works great in amps where you are going for that big American clean but just need it a little softer up top. With its touch-sensitive response and ability to take pedals extremely well, the G12C/S has become one of the most lauded in our American Vintage line.

Mounting Information

  • Diameter 12 3/16”
  • Overall depth 5 1/16”
  • Cut-out diameter 10 7/8”
  • Mounting slot dimensions .25”x.35"
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Mounting slot PCD 11 3/4”


Resonant Frequency (Fs):

95.68 Hz

DC Resistance (Re):

7.47 Ohm

Coil Inductance (Le):

0.28 mH

Mechanical Q (Qms):


Electromagnetic Q (Qes):


Total Q (Qts):


Compliance Equiv. Vol. (Vas):

19.7 cu ft

Mech. Compliance of Susp. (Cms):

0.1 mm/N

BL Product (BL):

12.83 T-M

Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms):

26.7 grams

Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

366.1 Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

Sound Pressure Level (spl):

99.54 db

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jeff Baker
The search is over

When I was 16, I lost my gig in a band to another, older dude who had an SG and a BFDR. The sound he got out of that combination has been stuck in my head for 40 years!
I have a 1965 BFDR that I’ve tried every possible speaker known to be a “keeper” for the deluxe reverb and, until now, none of them has captured “that” sound. As soon as I installed the WGS 12 C/S, I started smiling and haven’t stopped since. If you’re looking for that vintage Fender clean that transitions to the RIGHT crunch and distortion in a BFDR (NOT an easy bill to fit!) and yet isn’t spiky at any volume but instead sounds like a well-broken-in Chicago Jensen but with a bass response that stays tight (again, a tough combination for any speaker to achieve in ANY amp, but especially in a deluxe reverb) this just might be your ticket. After years of searching and plenty of $ dropped down a hole, my search for the speaker that reproduces the sound in my head is finally over.

timothy g jones
68 fender Twin Reverb.....the original

I had two dry rotten JBL's in my 68 Fender twin.... I replaced them with 2 12" G12C/S ....This was one of the best sounding speaker right out of the box....of course now that I have used it for a few years sounds even better after the break in period....I made a custom head cabinet and re tolexed an old cab to match the head, put the speakers in and what a happy.

Duane Walker
Excellent Speakee

Installed in my 66 DR. Exactly what I was looking for. Really opened it up.

Freddie Franken
This Speaker in a Vero 20th Century Limited

Boutique, custom, hand-built 25w amp in Joliet IL. SOUNDS FANTASTIC and loud, lots of headroom. Love the speaker vibe. Used for jazz, straight-ahead jazz, archtop, and some blues. Give me enough full tone and enough twang on a strat. Great speaker! Not a hobbyist, pro player.

James Steffen
Awesome Speakers!

They Sound Great! Thank You!

Artists that use this speaker:

Jason Soda

Jason Soda

Jason Soda plays guitar for Everest, Jakob Dylan and The Watson Twins.

"Ceramic's are kinda blowing my mind right now. I put a G12C in my 59 tweed Deluxe and it gave me more presence than I was getting with the Alnico. The amp was punchier, clearer and had some serious cutting action. I put them in my Ampeg Gemini 1's and they killed (in a good way). I think I'm done now for a while. If you want your small combos to have more headroom, cutting ability and some big machete attitude, The G12C's are the way to go."

Corey Congilio

Corey Congilio

Corey Congilio is a Nashville based touring and session guitarist as well as a popular online guitar instructor.
As a touring guitarist, Corey has performed with David Lee Murphy, Lucie Silvas, Laura Bell Bundy and Danielle Bradbery among others. He’s the author of over 15 instructional guitar courses and continues to generate instructional content for his online platforms.

Trevor Burton

Trevor Burton

Trevor Burton was born in Aston, Birmingham. He started playing guitar at a young age and by 1963 was leading his own group called The Everglades. In 1964 he joined Danny King & The Mayfair Set, along with Keith Smart formerly of The Everglades (drums), Roger Harris (keyboards), Denis Ball (Bass) and vocalist King.

Trevor Burton was a founding member of the sixties chart topping band The Move and was initially with them from 1966-1969 and is touring again in 2010 as ‘The Move featuring Trevor Burton & Bev Bevan’ with ‘The Animals and Friends’.

When he left in 1969 he stayed down south with his close friend Steve Winwood; Steve had just formed the band Traffic. Trevor Trevor decided to chill for a while, but soon got the urge to play live again, this has always been his first love. He got in touch with Steve Gibbons with the view to forming a new band, together with Denny Laine formerly with the Moody Blues, and Allen White from The Plastic Ono Band.they formed the band called Balls. After the split with Balls in 1971, Trevor spent the next few years as one of the top session musicians with Island Records. At the request of Raymond Froggatt, Trevor returned to his hometown of Birmingham where he worked with Ray until 1976.

Trevor teamed up once again with his close friend Steve Gibbons to enjoy chart success and top 10 hits with the Steve Gibbons Band. For the next 7 years he toured the world with Steve. He left in 1983 to form his own band playing his unique style of blues. They started performing twice weekly at the Red Lion, Sparkbrook, Birmingham with a line up including sax player Steve Ajao. In 1985 the band recorded an album entitled 'Double Zero'.

He teamed up with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin as one of the Journeymen Musicians. Then he joined The Big Town Playboys touring the UK and Europe, he performed shows with Noel Reading a friend from the 60s and spent 9 months on the road with Dexies Midnight Runners.

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet were a six-piece garage punk band from Nashville, Tennessee, active from 2009-2018. The band comprises singer-guitarist Jordan Smith, guitarist-singer Emmett Miller, guitarist Evan Bird, guitarist-singer Brent Toler, bassist Mike Boyle, and drummer Ian Bush. Diarrhea Planet has described its sound as "pop played through the filter of heavy metal". The guitars on DP's last album, "Turn to Gold", were recorded largely using WGS ET65s.