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Classic 30 speaker?

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04/30/2015 10:22am

I bought a special edition Peavey Classic 30, which has a Celestion V-Type speaker.  The V-Type is very clear and articulate, but is lacking in the chime clank and spank department.  I initially narrowed the search to the Jensen C12N and the WGS G12C - bought both and gave them a try.

In the Classic 30 cabinet:  The C12N sounds pretty good, plenty of chime.  I like certain aspects of the G12C, nice woody open A and D strings, clearer than the C12N, but it has a harsh midrange that I will blame on the smallish cabinet and the limited Classic 30 tone controls.

In a larger open back external cabinet (Classic 30, no internal speaker):  The C12N sounds the same as it did in the small cabinet.  The G12C sounds GREAT, much louder, clearer, more articulate than the C12N, and no midrange harshness, exactly what I am looking for.

I would love to have the G12C external cab sound from the Classic 30 cabinet if possible.  I'm thinking about a G12C/S, or, maybe a G10C or G10C/S with an easily removed adapter plate?

Do you have a recommendation?



05/01/2015 6:52pm

Yes, the G12C is a very vintage-Jensen voiced speaker ... and as such, has a pretty aggressive upper-midrange spike ... as you found out, it really needs some cabinet resonance to bring it to fullness.

In Classic 30's I always recommend ET65s ... and haven't had any one regret THAT choice!

05/07/2015 2:03pm

I saw the mesh dust cap and the "British Invasion" label and was convinced I did not want the ET65.  I went ahead and bought one based on your recommendation and youtube demos.  Thanks for pounding the ET65 into my hard head.  I love it.  The upper midrange ice pick is completely gone, replaced with a nice balanced sound low to high, I didn't think my C30 could sound this good.  Clean, dirty, pedals all sound great.  The G12C has a permanent home in my external cabinet.

05/08/2015 6:50pm

Now ... that's what I'm talking about :-)

06/03/2015 5:07pm

My original enthusiasm with the Classic 30 may have been beverage affected.  After a contemplation period (and slight headache), I rotated through the speakers I had on hand and decided I didn't like the amp.  I bought a Bugera V22 (Infinium) head, set it on top of a slightly oversize cab with a G12C, and am VERY happy with the sound (with and/or without pharmaceutical help).

I just wanted to report that the ET65 didn't fix the Classic 30 for me, but it did sound better than the other speakers I tried.

Thanks WGS for giving me an affordable way to try a variety of quality speakers to get the sound I wanted (and now have).

06/10/2015 1:22pm

Have you seen my V22 Video?

06/12/2015 5:25pm

Replaced the stock speaker with an Invader 50 a year or so ago and am really happy.  More headroom, punch  and clarity than the stock speaker and less of the boxy, abrupt, lifeless sound it had.  Not exactly the chime machine I was hoping for but want to you want from a $300 amp.