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Bugera V22 speaker replacement

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01/02/2012 9:48pm

Wondering about opinions on which speaker to put in my V22.

01/03/2012 10:38am

What do you like about the amp ... AND ... what are you hoping to achieve (change/improve)?

01/03/2012 3:49pm

The amp is really great!! I have been gigging regularly with it for at least two years now with no problems at all. I have already replaced the tubes with JJ. I guess my main gripe with it now is the overall clarity of the "clean" channel when cranked. So I guess what I am trying to achieve is more clean headroom basically. When I bought the amp my plans were to get the ET65. I'm just not quite sure now that would be my best choice. After listening to the sound samples, I am leaning more towards the British Lead. I just want to hear other ideas and suggestions.

01/03/2012 3:57pm

The Bugera V22 is a great amp for an awesome price! I have been gigging regularly with it for at least 2 years with no problems. I planned on changing tubes and speaker when I bought it. I have replaced the tubes with JJ. It sounds very good!

The only gripe I have now is the clean channel looses clarity at high volumes. So I guess what I am trying to achieve is more clean headroom and clarity out of the speaker swap.

01/04/2012 11:29am

Yea, I was expecting something to the extent of "needs more clean headroom" ... that's the usual complaint with the current crop of 2 EL-84 amps.  The ET65 would make a nice addition in an ext cab ... but by itself it would not be a good solution.  I would recommend the highly-efficient G12 Alnico or Blackhawk if you can swing the bucks.  In the Ceramic models, I would go with a Reaper (not HP or 55hz) or a G12C, which is about as efficient as the Alnico model, if you want to take the amp in a decisively American direction tonally. 

01/04/2012 4:29pm

Okay I went back and listened to your suggestions and my favorite is the Blackhawk. Which one would I need??   The amp is supposed to be 22 Watt but they put a speaker in it that is 70 watt...so I am thinking the 100 watt version.

01/04/2012 8:30pm

So, the regular Blackhawk has way more than enough power-handling capacity (plus it'll sound better with the 22-watter).

01/05/2012 5:37am

Well it looks like we have come to the conclusion then that the 50 watt Blackhawk is the speaker for me. Good deal!! Thanks a bunch!!!

01/05/2012 10:09am

I've been playing around with one a lot lately - putting it in a bunch of amps ... still trying to pry my jaw up off the floor ...

01/05/2012 4:42pm

Well I ordered the Blackhawk this morning before I left for work....thanks so much for the help!!

01/07/2012 6:53am

Please post back here & let us know how it works out for you!

01/09/2012 9:19pm

Well my new Blackhawk came in today. I had my amp sitting ready to drop it in. I put the speaker in as soon as I got home and hooked up to see if I have improved my sound. Yes!! I most definately have made my V22 even better. I am very satisfied with what my ears are hearing! Thanks for all the help! I have about $700 in this Bugera now and it sounds just as good(if not better) than most of the other 1x12 combos out there. I am pleased!

01/16/2012 10:08pm

Thanks for the update.

I decided that those little buggers were something I had to spend a little time with ... so I bought one!  Hope I like mine as well as you like yours.  I also ordered one of the Jet City amps that is about the same thing, in about the same price range.  It'll be fun doing a shoot-out!  Plus a lot more speaker comparisons, of course!

08/12/2013 4:35am

Hey Vaughn I have a Bugera v22 as well - but I only gigged it once - it is nice and I often attempt to pair it with other speakers - I was wondering what your "shoot out" uncovered? Did you try them both with various speakers?

08/19/2013 10:44pm

Yea, actually posted that blog over a year back:


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