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Hidey-ho neighbors!  Soooo … it took us a little longer than we expected to launch this new site, but ain’t it grand?  Such a grand rebuilt website deserves an equally grand launch, and so here it is:

FREE PICKUPS!  Yep, throughout 2017 we’ll be giving away sets of all the Vaughn Skow models.  In keeping with my somewhat goofy tongue-in-cheek ways, I have devised a super-fun way to enter the contest, and here it is: (contest entry method and rules)

    4th of July 2021 - Live Music Is Back!

    Holy cow y'all!  I think Live Music in the USA is back, and the old saying is Sooooo true:

    "Ya don't know what you've got until it's gone!"

    For musicians, man, has the last couple of years sucked ... big time! Getting out and making music with other humans is the zenith of what our world is all about.  Take THAT away and we all turn into sad blobs with eyes.  Okay, maybe I'm being a little overly dramatic, but not THAT much so!

    But in the last few weeks (basically June through July 4th) I've played 12 live gigs, and boy does it feel freaking AWESOME!!!!!  So, folks, if you are not already, go out and celebrate this great country by getting some musical buddies together and make some darn music!

    Taming the Fender Twin Reverb Amp: From Twin Reverb to Princeton Reverb!

    Howdy guitar folks and welcome to 2021 and the "new normal" ... but this time we ain't talking at ALL about COVID-19 or lock-downs, or any of that crap ... we're talking about a trend that began a number of years back: SMALLER AMPS!  All throughout the 1950s through the 1980's amps just kept getting bigger and bigger and louder and louder.  But then it all began to change.  Thanks to readily available great PA systems and in-ear monitors, what everyone NOW desires are amps that can sound MASSIVE whilst putting out very little actual volume.  And so it is that vintage Fender Princeton and Deluxe Reverb Amps are VERY desirable and bring top dollar, but the "big dog" or the 1970's, the 100(+) watt Fender Twin Reverb is Waaaaaay under-valued.  Shoot, these days a

    Post-Covid Live Music Playing Etiquette

    Okay gang, last week I got all giddy about having (finally) gotten out and played a live show, my first since COVID-19 killed everything.  In that blog I carried on about how fun it was to get out and play, and when you look at the photos, you will notice that NOBODY is wearing masks.  That was at a redneck/army base club in the army town of Clarksville, TN.  Them "good-ole-boys ain't afraid of nuttin'!  But you may not be so lucky at every club so be prepared.  Especially in the big cities, lots of places will hold firm to the "must wear a mask" policy, and they might not feel at all comfortable with humans at a bar acting like ... humans at a bar!  \

    2021: Time to Get Back Out and Play!

    Howdy guitar gang!  Man, was 2020 a "B with an itch"!  and so far 2021 has not been much of an improvement.  If you're like me you've been asking yourself "when will the world be normal again", and as a guitar player "when can I get back out and PLAY LIVE GIGS again?  Right?  Well as I pen this blog in late April, the answer for me was last Friday. It was a fill in gig for the Swamp Monsters, a band I'd never heard of.  They played a lot of Zydeco/Creole and Tex/Mex tunes, many I'd never even heard before.  The bar allowed SMOKING, no kidding!  But ya know what?  It was AWESOME!  Yep, I came home smelling like an ashtray with beer spilled in it, and kinda had a hard time getting going the next day, but it was TOTALLY worth it! 

    Best Replacement Speaker For Fender 68 Custom Twin Reverb Amp

    Whew!  We made it.  This is the last installment on the series of speaker upgrades for Fender's awesome "drip-edge" Custom 1968 re-issue series of amps.  This blog will focus on the big daddy of the bunch the Twin Reverb.  This is a seriously cool amp, and I have some serious deja vu going on as I think about this amp ... because it is SO much like the amp I carried to hundreds of gigs in my first high-school band!

    silverface twin Reverb

    Best Replacement Speaker For Fender 68 Custom Pro Reverb Amp

    Howdy gang!So this week we continue looking at the possibilities for improving the tone of the already awesome sounding "drip-edge" 1968 Fender re-issues.  If ya have not already, you might want to head over to my blogs on the 1968 Custom Princeton Reverb and Deluxe Reverb.  This week we will look at the interesting 1968 Custom Pro Reverb.  Why do I call it "interesting"?  Well, because, while it is using the Pro Reverb moniker, the Pro has NEVER been in this configuration ever before!  So, same old name ... but a VERY different amp than any other Pro Reverb for sure! Let's talk about it!

    Best Replacement Speaker For Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Amp

    Hello again fellow gear-heads!  So, LAST WEEK we started a four-part series on the best replacement speakers for Fender's latest re-issue series the "drip-edge" 1968 amps.  We are going from smallest to largest, and so this week we will be discussing the best replacement speaker for the '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp, which produces about 22-watts via a pair of 6V6 tubes and feeds it to a single 12" speaker, ie: a formula that is proven like none other. Like every other Fender "Deluxe" model, this one is a workhorse.

    Best Replacement Speaker for Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    Howdy Gang!  Hope your 2021 is shaping up and showing good solid signs of life! While we were sleeping (or  ... er, quarantining) the fine folks at Fender have continued their decade long history of kicking serious booty in bringing great new products to fruition.  One of the HUGE successes of 2019-2020 has been the 1968 (drip-edge) reissue amp series.  And so, this blog will officially be part ONE of a four part series on the '68 Custom Princeton Reverb, the Deluxe Reverb, The Pro Reverb, and the Twin Reverb, all from the perspective of what's the BEST speaker upgrade for these fine tube amps.  Ready?  Let's start with the smallest of the lot, the Princeton Reverb!

    2020: Biggest Year EVER for Guitar

    Howdy gang, so last week we talked about the dismal state of live music through 2020, and our hopes for a brighter future.  However, there is an enormous silver lining to have came out of the dark cloud of 2020.  Fender announced that they sold more new guitars in 2020 than in any year in history ... ever!  Wow. Read the whole uber-cool story at Guitar World HERE.  Seriously, it's worth the read.  Just as good is this article in the New York Times entitled "