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Hidey-ho neighbors!  Soooo … it took us a little longer than we expected to launch this new site, but ain’t it grand?  Such a grand rebuilt website deserves an equally grand launch, and so here it is:

FREE PICKUPS!  Yep, throughout 2017 we’ll be giving away sets of all the Vaughn Skow models.  In keeping with my somewhat goofy tongue-in-cheek ways, I have devised a super-fun way to enter the contest, and here it is: (contest entry method and rules)

    Guitar Players, Musicians, Singers, Bring Your Audience To YOU!

    Bringing Your Audience to You

    Guitar Pickup Resistance means Nothing!

    Howdy Guitar tone gang!  If ya travel in the way back machine, you will find THIS BLOG please, READ IT!

    I'm BIG on repeating that:

    On it's own, the measured resistance of a guitar pickup means nothing!

    And now ... drum roll ... I have video proof! 

    Check out this video where I demonstrate how simply warming a pickup slightly by holding it in your hand makes the impedance rise! 

    Guitar pickup magnets in a nutshell all compared The definitive word

    Okay gang, consider this a 1-part review of alnico magnets as used in guitar pickups.  After finishing my epic six part deep dive on AlNiCo magnets, I happened to stumble across a pickup builder who claimed THIS on their website:

    Why Ringo Played Drums - a story of encouragement!

    How a life-threatening illness made Ringo Starr learn drums

    Music Totally Rocks at Improoving Academics

    As the parent of a school-age child, I was SERIOUSLY interested to learn on ONEEDM about how music can help improve academic performance. Cool, right?! In this blog post, we'll look at six ways that music can help students ROCK in school and also provide some tips on how to use music to improve your, or your students studies. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost grades (and who isn't??), let's jump in!

    Word: Music Makes Democracy ... Better!

    Howdy gang!  So this week I go back to the future, it's a return to topics I used to wax on about in the early days of this blog: How music makes the world better!

    Let's jump in with some hard-core scientific proof from Psychology Today!

    The article talks about a New Hampshire town that cut  music and other programs because they are “not necessary to participate intelligently in a free government” and that using taxes to pay for them “crosses the boundary between public benefit and private charity”.

    Alnico 4 - exact composition and electromagnetic specs decoded

    Okay guitar gang, maybe I'm just crazy, okay, I am crazy, but I think this is HUGE!  But first, Just in case you have not yet done so, go back and read my last FIVE (!!) blogs decoding alnico:

    The LowDown on AlNiCo Magnets

    The Mystical Magical Qualities of Alnico III

    Alnico II Properties - The musical Magnet

    Qualities of Alnico V magnets - The Magnet that ROCKS!

    Alnico 4 6 8 5DG unoriented alnico 5 and other odd-balls

    Wow, oh wow ... what began as a simple question about the exact formulation of alnico magnets asked on the WGS forum has turned into quite the blog series!  Warning: don't start reading this blog without first reading the ones leading up to this blog!

    The LowDown on AlNiCo Magnets

    The Mystical Magical Qualities of Alnico III

    Alnico II Properties - The musical Magnet

    The tone of alnico V (5) magnets in guitar pickups - alnico V vs Alnico II

    Wow, what an alnico ride we have been on so far!  Just in case you have not, I recommend you begin by reading parts one, two and three of this series to get up to speed on all things alnico!  Or, if you JUST want to learn a little more about the tone of Alnico V (A5), then feel free to jump right in right here!