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Hidey-ho neighbors!  Soooo … it took us a little longer than we expected to launch this new site, but ain’t it grand?  Such a grand rebuilt website deserves an equally grand launch, and so here it is:

FREE PICKUPS!  Yep, throughout 2017 we’ll be giving away sets of all the Vaughn Skow models.  In keeping with my somewhat goofy tongue-in-cheek ways, I have devised a super-fun way to enter the contest, and here it is: (contest entry method and rules)

    How Much Should You Get Paid To Play Guitar

    Howdy Guitar Gang!  It's New Years Eve as I pen this blog.  I still feel weird NOT having a gig on a New Years Eve, when I was a hard gigging guitar player New Years Eve was always one of the best paying nights of the year.  That got me to thinking.  Let's talk about getting PAID to play guitar, let's examine how the Nashville pros look at getting paid.  This is something every guitar player needs to put some thought into.  Let's chat!

    What Every Guitar Player Must Know To Make Good MONEY at Christmas!

    353 Christmas guitar

    What Every Guitar Player Must Know at Christmas!

    Happy Holly-days guitar gang!  I'm penning this blog to let y'all in on a little not so well kept secret:  come Christmas time, ya need to know some Christmas songs.  I know, some of y'all might think this is downright cheesy, well, so is most EVERYTHING that people out there actually want to hear.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but folks just ain't going to pay to hear your own original 120-minute guitar solo.  But come Christmas time they just might pay to have a cool guitarist play Christmas songs.  Seriously, let's chat about this:

    Thanksgiving - sale 2019

    Thanksgiving.  Is it possible to be thankful in 2019?  I think so, let’s talk about that.

    Good Side Hustles For Musicians To Make Some Extra Money

    Howdy guitar gang!  It's approaching the holiday season as I pen this blog, and for some musicians that just slaps them in the face with how much money they are NOT making at their craft.  What to do?  Throw in the towel and get a "real job"?   If you're 40-years old and still playing video games all day and living with Mom and Dad, yeah, probably a good idea, but for the rest of you... listen up!

    The Ultimate Word On Made in Korea Fender guitars (MIK)

    Howdy once again guitar gang!  So, boy howdy is there a TON of confusion over the Korean made Fender guitars, and I'm NOT talking about the Squier moniker here, I'm talking about the honest-to-goodness Fender's!  As a point of reference, please read my last blog on Made in Japan Fenders, since it dovetails in with this blog nicely.  First, I have a confession to make, and it's a biggie!  When I saw my first MIK Fender Strat at a Pawn Shop, I thought it was a fake.  Yep, me.  I've co-authored a book on Leo Fender and written numerous feature stories on Fender for Vintage guitar Magazine; here in Nashville, when folks have questions

    The Ultimate Word on Made in Japan vs Crafted in Japan Fender Guitars - IS MIJ BETTER Than CIJ?

    When you start trying to determine the difference between a MIJ and a CIJ Fender guitar, odds are you will do a search, and odds are all you will find are forums, and on those forums you will find many differing opinions on the topic and ultimately you just may wind up even more confused than when you began!  Here, we shall break down the confusion as much as possible and present the information in the most simple and clear manner possible so as to not waste your time or leave you scratching your head.

    Music and Guitar Break Through the Barriers of Dementia and Alzheimer's

    Okay guitar & music buddies, in case ya need it ... here is yet another reason to play guitar!  I recently made a trip to see an elderly gentleman that I had not visited in quite some time; his lovely daughter had informed me that her dad had been declining rapidly in the throws of dementia.  He did not remember me, and his daughter told me that he even failed to remember her from time to time.  Putting sentences together was difficult for him, and even simple conversation evaded his grasp.  Folks, this is a difficult thing for all concerned to deal with.  But even in this bleak picture, there was a glimmer of light.  Let's talk about THAT!

    Labor Day 2019, It's great to be an American!

    Hi fellow guitar tone geeks, great to be with you all on yet another LABOR DAY weekend!

    I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold this weekend, and I feel soooo blessed! Say that doesn’t make sense, well, let me explain! You see, when I get sick, I get to be sick in a nice snug home with heat and air-conditioning, and running hot cold water, and plenty of readily available food (with pop-tarts and chicken noodle soup as highlights), plus I have a nice comfy bed with big fluffy pillows … like I said, I’m blessed; and grateful. Even on my most miserable days, I’ve got it good. Very good, indeed.