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You Never Forget Your First ... Guitar and Amp!

by vaughn skow May 15, 2012 2 min read

You never forget your first time!  So, reader friends, I’m curious.  What was your first guitar and amp, and how do you think it influenced your playing?  In my Christmas Blog I described my first electric set-up, check it out!

Vaughn Skow with first guitar

Wasn’t I cute?  So, my first guitar was a no-name cheapo, but my first amp was a brown Fender Deluxe.  The guitar really stunk, but through that brown Fender the resultant tone was thick, rich, and downright delicious with the tremolo of the Gods!  I’m convinced that I was forever set down a tone-path.  To this very day, I feel as though the AMP is a much more important part of the electric guitar tone chain than the guitar is.

Fender Vibrolux amp and Mustang Guitar

Okay fast forward to just a few months ago.  I came across a rare craigslist gem, a one owner Fender Mustang & Vibrolux being sold as a pair.  As it turns out, some 40-years back, these were bought by the seller’s parents with the intention that he would learn to play the guitar.  He never did.  Whadaheck?  A brand-new competition-stripe Mustang and a black-face Vibrolux.  Man, just touch that combo and it starts playing surf-rock tunes all by itself.  In 1967, any teen boy armed with that combination should have no problem dating the most popular girl in school.  Maybe that was the problem, just by HOLDING the guitar, he got so much action that he was left with no time to actually learn how to play the thing.  Yea, that musta been it.

Now, back to the question.  What was YOUR first electric guitar and amp?  How did it influence your playing?  Were you forever changed?  Please respond as a comment to this blog :-).  If ya got a pic of that first rig, email me (; we love that kinda thing around here!

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Bye for now, my "outside" blog recommendation this week is six string soul; check it out, they are “A boutique & vintage guitar blog for the conscious guitarist.”  How cool, sounds like our kind of folks!

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