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Woo-Hoo Version Two - More fun with the new Invader and Liberator!

by vaughn skow August 03, 2011 2 min read

First off, thanks to all of you who sent me messages of support over the loss of my beloved old doggie pal Rosie.  It helps.  Now, get ready for "Woo-Hoo", version two!  For these 2x12 video samples, we once again get to listen to the cool raw rock licks of Brad Sample of Run With Bulls.  After we did our 1x12 comparison videos, we realized that we could just hit that lil ol switch on the back of my Marshall Artist to 4-ohm, and run both of the twelve’s together ... and so we did!  Oh, by the way, my personal take on the new models: The Invader is an absolute must-have for the Britt speaker fanatic; it has that urgent, nasty nasal tone of a GB, but with a lot more depth and character; a total home-run!  The Liberator, to me is not really an improvement on the (totally awesome) Reaper; it’s a totally different breed all to itself, not quite sure if it fits in my personal top-ten list or not.  Okay, let’s get on to Woo-Hoo version Two,READ ON!

Again we start with my standard disclaimer, these videos are meant to be comparison demos of guitar speakers.  Brad ain’t tryen to impress anyone here by giving a carbon-copy performance of some 80’s hair band solo.  No Eddie VanHalen rip-off crap here.  Nuff said?  Once again,  I’m going to (for the most part) keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself, at least until I’ve once again given you, my awesome readers, a chance to post your opinions as comments to this blog!  Brad once again voices a few of his opinions during the vids, but I’m keeping my big yap shut for now.

First, we decided to pair the Liberator and the Invader and run them both together, the results were staggering and surprising.  Here is a key: I told brad to keep the clips to two-three minutes; Brad could hardly make himself stop playing.  Here’s the vid:

Then we decided to go for what we considered just might be the ultimate Marshall crunch/classic rock tone, and paired the Invader with our classic Green Beret.  The Marshall didn’t stay on the clean channel long, but once we engaged the dirt, Brad once again could hardly stop ... Roll the video!

Remember now, I’m not giving any of my personal impressions just yet.  I wanta hear what all of you out there have to say first.  Comment away ladies and gents!  Next week I’ll be doing an in-depth review on the Royal Bluesman from Burriss amps ... ya GOTTA check it out; this amp rocks like none other, it totally re-invents what and how you play (seriously).  Did you know an amp could do that?  See ya then!

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