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Win a FREE "Custom-Shop" WGS Speaker!

by vaughn skow February 23, 2012 3 min read



Hi-diddly-ho fair neighbors!  I pen this blog from my back porch on a perfect 70-degree spring day; the sun is shining, the birds are singing like mad, and my dog Sasha is asleep at my feet without a care in the world.  What could be better?  How about a free WGS speaker ... and not just any WGS speaker, but one that is custom designed by YOU to your exact specs?  Okay, go ahead, pinch yourself.  Did you feel it?  You’re not dreaming; this is real!  It’s all the brain-child of WGS production manager, Dean Birdsong.  Truth be told, Dean’s the real speaker guru at WGS; he’s been making speakers his entire adult life.  In all those years, Dean has never happened upon a speaker cone that has inspired him like the cone currently being used in the Liberator.  As Dean puts it "that darn cone sounds great in every configuration we try it in".  And so it is that the concept for the worlds first fully customized hand-made in America guitar speaker was envisioned, built around the Liberator cone.  Dean is so into this idea that when I asked for a pic of him building a speaker, he actually said yes.

Dean at Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Here, the man himself is shown assembling three "H-motor" Liberator prototypes.  READ ON for the full scoop on how to win your own dream life ... okay, I got overly excited there ... what I intended to say was dream SPEAKER(same thing, right?),READ ON!

So, as a way of unveiling the new built-to-order "Custom Shop" speakers, we’d like to give you, the faithful readers of this blog a chance at getting your dream design for free!  Gratis, on-the-house, complementary, we are talking totally LIBERATED of all costs, even shipping!  Sure, go ahead ... pinch yourself again.  Awake?  Okay then, let’s get to the details of this here lil ol’ contest.

To enter, all you need to do is give a little thought to just exactly what you would like in a speaker; then, post back here on this blog with your individual choices, and give your reasoning.  The person who most impresses DEAN with his sound reasoning for a particular design will get his speaker made and signed by Dean himself and shipped to you with a certificate of authenticity stating it to be the first in the Custom Shop series.  And again the cost: exactly zero dollars & zero cents!

Okay, now listen closely!  Here are the choices:

Magnet: either medium (M) or Heavy (H). 

Power-handling (voice-coil): 30, 65, or 90-watt.  (For an explanation of how magnet size and voice-coil size affect tone, read last week’s blog).

Dope: Heavy, Medium, or None (read my blog from 2-weeks back); AND: you can choose "American" dope that, according to Dean "soaks into the cone more, with more of a dampening effect", or "British" type that "lays on top of the cone and doesn’t affect the tone as much".

And, the cherry on the top: Dust Cap type/size!  Choose from: the large ET65 style, which subdues highs just a little bit; the small dust-cap of the Vet 30, which adds just a slight touch of brightness; or the more acoustically neutral mesh style of the Reaper.

***The not-so fine print: by entering the contest you agree to send us a pic of you with the new speaker if you win, and you agree that WGS can use your name and picture.  Only one entry per person or household, WGS employees & family are not eligible.  Now, let’s get going!

Here is the "official" entry form, please cut-n-paste this in your reply/entry.



Style of music I play:

Magnet (Heavy or Medium):

Power (30, 65, 90 watt):

Dope (heavy, med, none):

Dope type (Britt or American):

Dust Cap: (ET, Vet, Reaper):

Reasoning behind my choices:


That’s it! We will announce the winner on theWGS facebook page on Thursday, March 15th.  Best of luck to ya!  Oh, and do me a favor: hit that little flame-thingie that rates this blog ... nobody has been doing that lately, and my lil ol feelings are gettin hurt...


Insasne, over-the-top uber-cool update:

Chris Hayes, WGS's resident graphic-artist guy (responsible for the new logos) has just said that he will provide a once-in-a-lifetime custom label for this speaker - taking into account the winner's style & preference!

Man, it just keeps getting better!

Oh, and concerning "comments" (your entry):

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