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Why No WGS Neodymium (Neo) Speakers Yet?

by vaughn skow July 03, 2018 2 min read

Okay, Neo's are all the rage these days, and I totally get it; I'm old enough to seriously appreciate anything that shaves few pounds off my load.  Neo designs are dominating the Pro Audio and Bass guitar market these days, but see here's the deal when it comes to Neo GUITAR speakers: they just ain't exactly 100% ready for prime time yet.  Think about it, the biggest boast anyone ever makes about a Neo (other than the light weight) is "They sound almost as good as our other speakers".  Cum on, are you seriously ready to accept that compromise?  I see it as EXACTLY like active guitar pickups, for decades now folks have been trying to make active pickups that sound 100% as good as the tried-n-true magnets and coils method but guess what?  They STILL can only claim, at best, to sound ALMOST as good!  This is especially true with single coil Strat and Tele designs.  So, what's a guy (or gal) to do? Let's talk about that.

The answer is simple and two-fold:

  1. Don't accept mediocrity.
  2. Keep working towards perfection.

Will WGS EVER release ANY speaker that can best be described as "almost" great?  NO!  That would be accepting mediocrity, that would be bad.  Dean (WGS Production head) has sent me several of his Neo designs, and I've compared them to the best the competition has to offer and they actually blow the competition away!  That's great, right?  But ... here's the thing: while they DO sound great "for a Neo", they still are not what discerning players would refer to as "the best"; the attitude at WGS is that "that ain't good enough".  It's all or nothing, either the BEST or nothing at all.  So, that addresses the first precedent, now on to the second.

Has Dean thrown up his white flag and given up?  No way!  He continues to work with different Neodymium magnet designs and compositions, different baskets and ways for the voice coil to interact with the magnetic field.  The dude's a speaker chef of the highest caliber, and he ain't putting anything on somebody's plate without knowing it's the finest anyone has to offer anywhere.  Like any good chef, he will continue to work on any recipe that has not yet reached utter perfection.

So it's a case of "I've got bad news and good news, what do ya want to hear first?".  Okay, ya already know the bad news, WGS has, as of this writing, yet to offer any back-saving Neo speakers.  But the good news is that, when we do, they will be 100% perfection,  They will not be described as "almost as good as our other speakers", they will be declared to be among the finest sounding speakers ever produced by anyone ... using any materials.  Good news indeed, right?

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