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WGS Blackhawk HP vs ET-90

by vaughn skow May 15, 2014 1 min read

Hi-diddly-ho above-average tone seekers!  Today I make good on a promise I made over on the Q&A forum … I was asked to do a shootout between the WGS big-dog Alnico Blackhawk HP and the Ceramic ET-90.  Wow!  What a cool idea.  In essence the idea is this:  “Hey they are both big juicy warm speakers that can handle big-wattage tube amps … so, what can I expect to gain with a couple hundred dollars’ worth of highly sought-after Alnico?  Good Question!  So good that the idea just hit me … I need to make my next blog a detailed expose’ on the merits of Alnico vs Ceramic vs Neodymium.   Yea!  That’ll be next; I promise.  But for now…

I won’t waste a bunch of time telling you how I personally felt about the results … well … just a LITTLE time :-)

The Alnico Blackhawk HP did that magical thing that Alnico does … makes the top end both very present & very smooth all at the same time.  Generally you get one or the other, with Alnico you get both! 

The ceramic ET90 has a bit more upper-midrange presence … but doesn’t have as much silky-smooth top-end chime.

Personally, I’d probably choose the Blackhawk HP over the ET-90 (if money were no issue) for everything except maybe full-on high-gain use.  But that’s just me … what y’all think?  Post your thoughts here, I’d love to hear some other takes on this shootout.  Now ... roll the Video!

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