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Walterweight slugfest: The Bugera V22 vs. The Jet City 20 (JCA2112RC)

by vaughn skow April 25, 2012 1 min read

Jet Jity 20 and Bugera V22

Hi-diddly-ho fair tone-seeking neighbors!  This week I put to rest the saga of the low-buck current production amp series.  In the last two weeks I featured the popular Jet City 20 combo and the too awesome for its price Bugera V22.  Both of these amps are made in China, and that may understandably scare some buyers off.  However, for some folks, these amps may just be the only affordable option when it comes to acquiring an honest-to-goodness tube amp.  And besides, as we have proven in the last two blogs, these amps can quickly go from good to great with the simple addition of an appropriate WGS speaker, and then ... at least they are PART American made :-)

Speaking of speakers, I stuck with the stock speakers for the Bugera/Jet City comparison.  It just wouldn’t be fair to compare them any other way!   To hear the improvement a WGS speaker can make in these amps, check out my last two blogs:

The Jet City JCA112RC

The Bugera V22

Okay, I’m shuttin up for now.  Next week’s installment of this here blog will be heading into uncharted waters; should be interesting.  See ya then!

Roll the video!

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This weeks "outside" blog recommendation features a guitar I didn’t even know existed, a very cool (and very Jackson-esque) guitar by Schon; and yes, that is Neil Schon ofJourney fame.  Check it out!

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