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Vaughn Skow Amps – Quest for the Ultimate Speaker

by vaughn skow February 27, 2014 2 min read

So this week finds me once again looking for YOUR advice!  I’m just now putting the finishing touches on the first “production-run” of ten of my Vaughn Skow amps.  Four of them will be 1x8 combos, and they will, of course, be outfitted with WGS G8C’s … there has NEVER been an 8” speaker that sounds this HUGE, juicy, and NOT BOXEY!  So, that’s an easy decision … but, what about in the 1x12 combos, where I have SO MANY choices?

First, it was an easy decision to go with WGS speakers exclusively (except for a possible true vintage speaker on special occasion); no other company even comes close!  American made speakers with impeccable tone at unbelievable prices!  But which specific models should I offer?

Because of my lengthy and thorough time spent with all the speakers … and in a great number of amps … I was able to narrow the field down to my perennial favorites in 1x12 tube combos.   

First, the Black & Blue, which seems like a perfect fit for a 15-watt combo.  But it’s not, really, because this combo has a lot of filtering and can easily push the B&B out of its comfort zone … so I’ll stick to only offering this in my 10-watt versions.

So, the logical choice is the Blackhawk!  My, oh my how I love this speaker in nearly all applications.  If only AlNiCo material were not so very expensive!  So, for ceramic (ferrite) options…

The ET-90: My new favorite all-around winner in the ceramic category … everything the ET-65 is, but with a little more … for lack of a better word, “balls”.

The G12C/S: This smooth-cone speaker brings out uber-warm smoky twee-tones in spades, but also has a very tight bottom end, and a silky (but somewhat muted) top end.

The Retro 30: A clear winner for having both Fender-ish top-end chime and a VERY solid bottom end!

So, this little video was really just for me … but boy, oh boy would I LOVE to hear you all’s thoughts.  So, please, comment away!  I’ll take it all into consideration, I promise :-)


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