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TOTALLY AWESOME! Ya gotta read this...

by vaughn skow June 14, 2011 2 min read

Hey everybody!  I just received an email from Chris Mahoney, who won my latest speaker giveaway contest.  Read his story HERE.  Anyway, Chris is awesome, and his email was such a blast that I just had to share it with you.  Read on baby, read on!

                    WGS  Speakers Saved My Life and Tone !!!  

It’s true, I was lost on the tone train to nowhere. Going down hill fast with no brakes.                 

I didn’t even notice how bad off I was until one day my good friend Eric took a look at me and heard my tone. He said, "Chris you need to go and see a tone doctor as fast as you can".

So that’s what I did. When I got there to check in they took one look at me and called for a tone ambulance. I was rushed immediately to Tone General Memorial Audio Hospital.

They checked my ears, my eyes, my amp, and my guitar and then started an mp3 ear audio drip. Then they took my guitar and amp to the O.R. for emergency surgery.

Within ten minutes they came back and told me they had specialists flying in from Paducah, Kentucky from the WGS emergency tone specialist’s response team. The doctor told me they specialize in emergency tone transplant surgery and that they were my only hope for saving my tone and me.

The transplant surgery took about two hours from start to finish and they said it was just in time. They told me after all the tests that if I hadn’t  had emergency surgery when I did I would have had six months left to play.

So, it is really true. WGS speakers save lives and tone- they saved me and my tone.

Thanks WGS and Tone specialists David Young , Vaughn Skow and Daniel.

Sincerely Chris D Mahoney.

And if anyone needs proof that this is the truth just look at the before and after pictures. You will see what WGS has done for me-now see what they can do for you.

WGS  Tone Specialists-Saving Lives and Tone One Speaker at a Time

Okay, Vaughn here again ... See, it’s like I’ve always said, WGS folks are just plain cooler than other "normal" people!

That’s all for this week.  Next week I promise to be back with some 2-12 combination comparison videos.  It’ll be awesome, seriously!     emailvaughn    About Vaughn Skow

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