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The Perfect Gift for a Guitar Player (and it's FREE)

by vaughn skow December 21, 2018 2 min read

Hi guitar friends!  It's just before Christmas and I'm going to let you in on an important secret.  If any of you have a "significant other" who is having a hard time finding just the right gift for you, call their attention to this blog.  Sure, we would all love to find a '59 Les Paul under the tree, but I'm going to be realistic with y'all.  Over the years we have all been gifted with picks, strings, and all kinds of guitar related accessories; while it's nice to know our loved ones are thinking of us and understand our love of all things guitar related, here is a hard fact: we would  rather pick out our own personal accessories.  Seriously, you should see the collection of guitar straps I'll NEVER use ... I'm still trying to decide if last years Santa strap was a gag gift or if the giver actually thought I'd like it.

Some of you are thinking you'll just up your giving and go for the more high-ticket items like pedals, or even guitars or amps.  I applaud your wonderful intentions, and for the first-time guitarist, that's great!  However, for the seasoned player, once again these are all such personal things that, unless it is a specified item ... players are going to want to pick these themselves; one players dream reverb sounds like dog do-do to the next!

So what to do?  Give the player in your life what they REALLY want.  You.  Yep, they want you, an important person in their life, to spend some dedicated and uninterrupted time listening to them.  Clap, whistle, cheer, and tell them how awesome they are.  Ask them about their gear and their "tone", and take a genuine interest.  Encourage them to advance their playing in ways they may have never thought of before.  Be their biggest fan.  That's what we all really want, for the people closest to us to share in our love of guitar.  And, just think ... one day when they are accepting their Grammy award and say "I'd like to thank my biggest fan and supporter, who has always been there for me...", you will know the next words spoken will be YOUR name :-)

Merry Christmas!

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