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The Peavey T-15 Guitar, aka the “Mississippi Mustang”

by vaughn skow July 18, 2012 2 min read

Peavey T-15 Guitar

Those of you who know me, or are regular readers of this blog know that nearly all of my guitars and amps came to me by way of a pawn shop, junk shop, dumpster, garage sale, craigslist, ebay, and so on and so forth.  I feel as though, just as rescue dogs make the best pets, rescue guitars make the best friends!  The Peavey T-15 that is the topic of this blog is typical: I found her sitting, unloved, in a dark corner of a pawnshop.

A little history: like anyone who began their musical career in the late 70’s to early 80’s, I was an early Peavey user.  My high school band’s first PA was an XR-600B built into that ultra cool roadcase and it fed a pair of FH-1 folded bass bins and huge SP-1 radial horns.  Our system sounded better than almost any other local band! (Not that the Shure Vocal Masters were any real competition). Our Bass player played a T-40 bass and I played a T-60 guitar.  Perry still calls the T-40 his sole instrument, but my T-60 is long gone.  I haven’t played one in many years, but I remember it as playing really good, sounding great, and weighing a ton.  It’s that last factor that led to my eventually getting rid of it. 

So, when I saw the little T-15 I was instantly smitten; she has the same quality sound and feel as the T-60, but man-oh-man is she nice and light, and she plays like butter.  Folks who are familiar with me also know that I name the guitars that I am especially fond of, so in that tradition, I present Katie with a couple of her girl friends.

Peavey T-15 Fender Mustang Silvertone amp in case

Katie is a petite little cutie with a great and varied personality.  Tonally, she covers a surprisingly vast amount of ground.  I could tell you all about her, but instead, check out this video (and the pics):  See ya all next week!

Peavey T-15 Silvertone amp in case

Peavey T-15 Guitar

Peavey T-15 Guitar super ferrite pickup

Peavey T-15 Guitar knobs

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