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The not-so-standard pairing!

by vaughn skow November 16, 2010 4 min read

Hi fellow tone seekers!  This week I received an email from a WGS devote who was putting together a cabinet with a 12" and a 10" driver; he wanted my input as to which 12 to pair up with the G10C he planned to use in the cab.  That question really got me to thinking!  Now, we often respond to questions about loading up 2x12, 4x12, 2x10, and 4x10 cabinets and combos, but I hadn’t thought about a more unusual pairing like this in a long time.  In the golden amp days of the 1950’s and 60’s there were a number of 10/12 combos made, and even a few 10/15 models.  I owned a Gibson GA30RV for a little while, which is probably one of the more well known of the 10/12 amps out there.  As I remember, the amp was very sweet sounding, but I think the actual drivers were Chinese cheapos; too bad I didn’t know about WGS back then, I might still own that amp today!  I’d like to share my e-conversation concerning the 10/12 match up - sound good?  Okay then, read on!

Here is the original email:

Vaughn , first of all your blog and video are pure entertainment and
helpful. I would say we have the same taste. I'm an American Fender clean sound guy. I have a 2x12 now with you Reaper 55 watt and a Celestion G12-65 Heritage that covers my British tone. I'm ordering the G12C from you for my 1x12. I am also going to order a G10C for my 10/12 cabinet out of pine. My question to you is what 12" to pair the 10" with for that cabinet. I have a Jensen P12N, but is that the right choice?  My band covers Stone to ZZ Top.  -Romey

I had to sleep on it and really give it some thought!  Here is my reply:

The G10’s flat out defy the laws of physics ... absolutely perfect!  They are actually the speakers that brought me into the WGS family.  If your Jensen is a vintage one that’s still in serviceable condition, or has been re-coned with the right stuff, then yes, that should be a good mate to the G10.  However, if it’s one of the new repros, then sell it on eBay for what ever you can get out of it!  I’ve done a lot of comparisons, and the repros sound very stiff, sterile, and harsh by comparison ... even after an ample break-in period. 

Generally speaking, the overriding sonic difference between WGS speakers and those of our competitors is that our speakers sound sweeter and warmer - more vintage and broken-in.  This is especially true when comparing our American series to the current Jensen reproductions and when comparing our British series to the modern Celestion and Eminence repros.  Our speakers sound like they were made in 1959 (and, in fact they were made exactly as they would have been made in 1959), and theirs sound like modern-day mass-produced products (which they are).

So, having said that, I’d go with the G12 as a mate to the G10 for the ultimate in vintage Fender tone, make the 10 an Alnico for a little extra smooth sweetness on the top.

If you just happen to want something that mixes in a strong dose of classic Marshall tone, go with (in order from most "marshallesque" to least) a Green Beret, Veteran 30, or Retro 30. 

If you want a cab that has some real brute-force whollop on the bottom end, pair an ET65 with the G10.  The ET65 is not an overly touch-sensitive speaker, but the G10 will have you covered on that end.  Generally, the 65 is always a good choice to add to a cabinet if you’re looking for more solid meat in the low end.

Since you already own one, you already know that the Reaper is an amazing in-between speaker for all around coverage of all your basses - part Britt, part Yank.  Kind of a jack of all trades.  A perfect choice for a 1-12 combo or cab that will be required to produce a wide range of tones.  This would be a fine choice to add to the G10 if you are not really wanting to take the cab too far in either the vintage American or Vintage British direction.

   So, what did Romey choose?  Well, drum roll please, here is the choice:

 ... I will be ordering the G10C & G12C tonight. Your email was so helpful. I'm going for that classic American Fender sound fro yester year!

COOL!  In my heart of hearts, that would probably have been my decision, too.  Of course, I am a Vintage Fender amp fanatic.  I want to hear this cabinet so bad; I bet it will sound intensely sweeeet.  Romey, be sure to let us know how it turns out!

Untill next time, -Vaughn-

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