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The Musicians - Guitar Players Golden Rule

by vaughn skow September 24, 2018 2 min read

Gang, if you ever want to get out of the garage and be a true professional, then tattoo these words on the inside of your eyelids and meditate on them every morning upon waking and every night before retiring:


Many things differentiate the pro player from the guy who will never be heard outside his hometown.  But nothing can hold a candle to this one personality trait.

What does it mean to be "squirrely"?

  • You have terrible communication skills, and fail to communicate important details to the people you make music with (for instance that a gig has been cancelled, or pays half what you originally said).
  • You crack jokes at all the WRONG times.
  • You just flat-out lie your ass off.
  • Folks can never get a straight answer out of you, you're always working an angle.
  • When you screw up or drop the ball, you blame it on someone else.
  • You NEVER prepare properly in advance.
  • You have a propensity for telling one person something, and another person something different.
  • Oh ... and this one covers a lot of ground: you are a jerk.

So, avoid these things, damn it.  Here is the mark of a pro:

  • You always communicate clearly and never drop bombs at the last minute.
  • You know when to keep your nose to the grindstone and get things done.
  • You NEVER lie.
  • You always accept the blame for your mistakes and LEARN from them.
  • You always shoot straight, no one ever wonders what your REALLY thinking!
  • You are almost never a jerk, and when you are you promptly admit it and apologize.

For the last couple of decades I've spent all my time hanging with pros who live by this second list, and it's awesome.  However, when I first fell off the turnip truck in Nashville I worked with more than my fair share of squirrels, and buddy it sucks.  Don't be that guy!

guitar players and Musicians golden rule

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