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The Best Way to Improve and Upgrade a PRS SE Guitar

by vaughn skow January 31, 2020 2 min read

Hello once again fellow guitar tone aficionados! If you own, or are considering, a PRS SE guitar, or ANY Paul Reed Smith for that matter, this may be the most important piece of information you will ever read.  Okay, maybe that may sound a BIT dramatic, but hey, don't take JUST my word for it, the secret I'm about to let out of the bag has been fully documented by guitar tone guru deluxe, Brian Wampler.  Seriously, this is the ONE thing you can do to your PRS that'll make you fall in love with it in a most decisive manner.  Let's talk about it!

I have owned several PRS guitars over the years, and they have all been gorgeous guitars with spot-on fit-n-finish that play fantastic, intonate superbly, and stay in tune till hell freezes over.  If you own a PRS / Paul Reed Smith, you know exactly what I mean.  However, you also know what I'm about to say next; sadly, they generally sound stiff, sterile, lifeless, and clinical.  Many folks think this is due to the rather judicious use of high-gloss finish that is typical of these guitars, but that just ain't even CLOSE to the truth.  It's the PICKUPS folks!  As far as tone goes, the PICKUPS are easily the biggest part of your tone, hands down!  Read THIS blog, or This one to get a better feel for the validity of this statement. 

In the case of the PRS guitars, the pickup upgrade is really the ONLY upgrade that makes any sense, as every other aspect of these guitars is spot-on.  If you are still on the fence, check this vid out:

Here on the WGS site, These are the pickups you want in your PRS:

Vaughn's Custom Holy Grail PAF Set

Or check these out at

Vaughn's Custom Holy Grail PAF Set For PRS/Paul Reed Smith

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