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Secret New WGS Speakers for 2013!

by vaughn skow February 08, 2013 2 min read

Today, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the new models slated to be rolled out in early 2013.

This first speaker is near and dear to my heart; we don’t have a for-certain name yet, for now we are simply calling it the low-power 12.  Here’s some history:  A few months ago, I heard a low-power boutique tube amp with a tome that simply took my breath away.  I can’t tell you the exact amp, but I can tell you that it was an exceptionally expensive boutique model that was only produced in extremely small quantities.  I can also tell you that it was flat-out the best sounding amp I’ve ever heard for low-volume tone.  Sweet, full, big, rich, expressive, touch sensitive.  Yea, it was all that.  The speaker employed in this amp was a custom run just for this particular amp, but no longer!  Now, WGS is making this petite beauty available to all.  Here are some initial pics of prototype #2, without final paint color or a lable.  Prototype #1 was sent to a respected WGS customer.  To say he liked it is an understatement.  Don’t believe me?  Check out his post on the user forum!

Low Power WGS 12 Speaker

Second is a speaker that also has a history as a special run for an uber-high-end boutique builder.  The speaker is, in fact an ET65 with a Heavy magnet.  As any regular reader of this blog knows, theET65 is one of my very favorite WGS models.  However, every now and then I discourage someone for using one, even if the tone is EXACTLY what they are looking for.  Why?  Because the ET65 is a medium magnet speaker; so, for some folks who want maximum SPL sensitivity or clean headroom, it might not be a good choice.  The new heavy-magnet version will change all that.  Again we don’t have a final name yet.  Rest assured, it’ll be cool.

So now you are in on the WGS secrets!  Cool stuff, huh?  Next week I’ll be into the hard core speaker shootouts.  Thanks to all of you who chimed in with your requested shootouts; I’ll get to as many as is humanly possible!  I promise.

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