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Search for the Perfect 10 (In a Quilter MicroPro Mach II)

by vaughn skow September 01, 2015 1 min read

Okay, this harkens back to the early days of my blog.  I’m basically taking you all along for the ride as I search for the best 10” speaker to pair with my new Quilter amp, a MicroPro Mach II.  I fell in love with the Quilter stuff at this Summer’s NAMM show in Nashville, and sweet talked them into selling me a head with an EMPTY 10” combo cab so I could choose my own speaker.  I’m a tube-amp guy, and I make my own … so my ponying up with some greenbacks on a decidedly solid-state amp is quite a statement!  In later blogs I plan to do a full demo on the MicroPro, but for now, it’s all about that speaker!

My main objective is to have the amp be as “gigable” as possible.  Here are the key points I’m looking at:

  • Getting enough BOTTOM end from a single ten combo
  • Getting a warm/fat tube-like tone
  • Extreme versatility, great tone from sparkling clean to totally dirty

I don’t have to worry about it simply getting LOUD enough, the MicroPro has plenty of power on tap to ensure I’m heard; the question is, will it be sweeeeet?

The speakers I’ll be running through and comparing include:

  • Celestion G10 Vintage (serving as the base-line)
  • WGS G10C
  • WGS ET-10
  • WGS Retro 10
  • WGS Green Beret 10
  • WGS G10 C/S

Okay, y’all watch the video & feel free to gimme your thoughts.  I’ll warn ya, this is a 38-minute epic, so settle in for the ride. 


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