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Post-Covid Live Music Playing Etiquette

by vaughn skow June 01, 2021 2 min read

Okay gang, last week I got all giddy about having (finally) gotten out and played a live show, my first since COVID-19 killed everything.  In that blog I carried on about how fun it was to get out and play, and when you look at the photos, you will notice that NOBODY is wearing masks.  That was at a redneck/army base club in the army town of Clarksville, TN.  Them "good-ole-boys ain't afraid of nuttin'!  But you may not be so lucky at every club so be prepared.  Especially in the big cities, lots of places will hold firm to the "must wear a mask" policy, and they might not feel at all comfortable with humans at a bar acting like ... humans at a bar!  \

Covid safe gigging guidelines

And so, here are some things to remember when gigging in this "new reality":

  • Always have a mask available.  I HATE those things, but hey, it might filter out a little cigarette smoke, and THAT will promote better health :-)

  • Have a bottle of hand sanatizer sitting on your amp, even if you never use it, it will make germ-o-phobes feel more comfortable around you.

  • Do NOT assume anyone want's to shake your hand or is comfortable with a pat on the back.  People are weird about that stuff these days.

  • Don't accidentally enter someone's "personal space" (I know ... why would they even BE at a bar...)

  • Never share a microphone, sanitize between users!

  • Try to not touch anything, or anyone, again, it may make some people uncomfortable.

Or, if ya just want to get out and have a good ol time and party like it 2019 ... just find gigs in small town with lots of "real men" type of guys (think biker bar).  Then ya can just let loose and live life, and play th heck outta your guitar :-)

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