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Our latest FREE SPEAKER Winner!

by vaughn skow January 23, 2011 2 min read

Eds Rig

Congrats to our latest speaker winner,  Ed Dewit of Chuckey, TN (such a place could only exist south of the Mason-Dixon line).  Ed is an amp builder and a hard-core tone aficionado - in other words, he’s one of us!  Chucks main rig is a JTM45 style amp he built for himself (my favorite of all Marshall’s).  Chuck is getting a free Green Beret, and chose to add a second one to the one we are giving him. The JTM 45 through those Green Berets will be pure vintage Britt tone!  Ed sent us a brief note, that I’d like to share with you all, so read on!

From Ed:  I’ve been playing hard rocking blues for almost thirty years and have had a wide range of cabinets, heads, and combo’s.  I’ve played through the industries best ...and worst speakers and am  always more than happy to share my experience with other players. The questions are always the same. Which speakers are junk and which ones are worth your hard earned cash? Though tone is subjective, build quality and performance are always the bottom line. There is not a more sinking feeling than being half way through your first set and hearing your speakers crackling like an old AM radio as they fade into oblivion.
Other than winning the lottery...what could be better than receiving a free WGS speaker that’s legal, moral, and non cancer causing? The answer, not much else! My experience with WGS is somewhat limited. Nonetheless, my admiration for your products is growing. I build boutique custom tube amps and speaker cabinets privately for tone junkies like myself. I was first introduced to WGS speakers by one of my customers who specified the Veteran 10 for his 4x10 cabinet. Needless to say ...the price is not indicative of the quality or the tone. I was amazed!! Over the course of their limited break-in in my shop - they just got sweeter ... creamier ... crunchier ... and emitted classic warm tones found only in speakers commanding three times their price.  The tone was so impressive ... I built one for myself.
Thanks for drawing my name for your Free Speaker Giveaway. I’m looking forward to experiencing the tone of the Green Beret. I think it will add a unique extra flavor to my rig! Currently my rig consists of a 4x10 slant loaded with Veteran 10s and 4x10 straight with G10Cs, both powered by a hot rodded  JTM 45 clone and tickled with a vintage G&L SC-2.  Keep up the good work at WGS! It’s refreshing to be able to buy high quality American made products. They’re in short supply!
Ed DeWit  
Chuckey, TN

Cool huh? and yes, it certainly is a great feeling to buy an awesome American product!  Ed, be sure to let us know how it goes with the Green Berets.  Who will our next winner be?  Hey, it could be any of you out there ... so be sure to fill out the entry form each month and check back on this blog.  My best wishes go out to all of you.

Until next time,  -Vaughn-

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