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Of Snowstorms and Gear Galore, Vaughn Skow’s Take on Winter NAMM 2016

by vaughn skow January 24, 2016 1 min read

WGS Vaughn Skow Pickups NAMM 2016

FYI: The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) shows are held each January in Anaheim California and July in Nashville, Tennessee; they are the biggest music gear trade shown in America … historically, most companies announce their new products at a NAMM show.  As I pen this blog, I am completely snowed-in and feeling a bit “under the weather” at my home in Nashville while the NAMM convention is in full swing with a sweeeet 72-degrees temp in California.  Okay, yea, I might be feeling just a teeny, weenie bit sorry for myself.  But, let’s not dwell…

Luckily, every music media outlet in the world is present at the show, and so we can ALL vicariously be at the show in a 2016 virtual-reality world built by modern media/social media.  And so it is that every morning I drink my first cup of coffee while virtually walking the isles at Anaheim.  Cool stuff, too!  Oh, and of course the WGS/Vaughn Skow family IS FULLY represented at the show with David, Dean, and Wayne walking the show floor in the not-so-virtual, legs hurt at the end of the day way.  And so, here are some cute little insta-gram shots of stuff that caught their attention.  Personally, my fav is the Flux-Tone Plexi amp … literally, all plexiglass :-)

Fender Vaughn Skow Pickups NAMM 2016

Magnatone Vaughn Skow WGS

Fat Jimmy WGS Vaughn Skow

Flux-Tone Plexiglas amp Vaughn Skow WGS 

And now, for a little more NAMM goodness, here’s yours truly at Winter & Summer NAMM 2015.  A little fun watching for those of you currently snowed-in!

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